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When I typed the title for this post, it reminded me of a hit song recorded in the 60’s called “96 Tears”, recorded by a group called Question Mark and the Mysterians. If you are of my special generation, you will remember it because it topped all the charts and is still listed by Rolling Stone as #213 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song was recorded in Bay City, Michigan (my original home town), and since my father owned a teenage nightclub called Band Canyon, I got to meet the band (and many other cool bands of the time like the Byrds).

Unfortunately, that was the only true hit to come from Question Mark and the Mysterians.

And all of this has absolutely nothing to do with 52 Frames or this post, except that we were just talking about “96 Tears” at a family party in California, where I bought the 52  Frames at the IKEA store, which have everything to do with this post. The two things just got mushed together in my head because my head is too full. So is my van – with the 52 frames.

Did you make it through that paragraph ok?

I am just returning from a two week trip to visit family, celebrate engagements and birthdays, and get close to the ocean again. Sweet Home California. All of that was wonderful and energizing.

Which is a good thing because I am about to launch yet ANOTHER incarnation of my Santa Fe Gallery. Yes, for those who are counting, this will be the 12th (and last) location! The first was on the California Coast. All the rest in Santa Fe, where moving stores around is a popular sport. And I am very good at it.

“The 12th one is the charm” I said to Mark.

“I think that’s the 3rd one, actually,” he said.

I can barely remember the 3rd one.

Although I love my current location, and it is only a block off the Plaza, it seems to be very good at hiding from people. The foot traffic just doesn’t cut it.

So, about a month ago, we decided to look around.

And found the best location yet. For lots of reasons, but one of them is that you cannot go to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum without walking by our door. The museum is a half block away – sort of kitty-corner.

We also have the Convention Center, Plaza, Eldorado Hotel, the four most well known and high end galleries downtown, and the Museum of Fine Art within a one block radius.

Look at the top of this post again. That red awning will soon say WOW! Gallery. It is on the corner of West Palace Avenue and Grant Avenue.

There are three huge windows facing Grant Avenue (the path to the O’Keeffe Museum) to the left of the doors.

And on the right side, the gallery faces this courtyard, which is now filled with tables and chairs to serve as the “dining room” for a very popular cafe next door.


Our gallery is the whole left side of the courtyard – with big windows and a second entrance.

Pretty cool, huh?

What are the 52 frames for? For all the new artwork and photography I need to put in there by June first. My van is full of frames (and plants I can’t find at home), but I can still fit in it – barely.

Will be home by Thursday, and hit the ground painting!!!! And framing!!!!

By the Way . . .

I have been puzzled for awhile when Mail Chimp tells me some folks have unsubscribed after every new post.

Was it something I said?

When I saw Betsy unsubscribe, I knew I had to ask, and I found out the following:

In my post emails, there are two links which look the same and they are right under each other.

The first takes you to the post.

The second takes you to Unsubscribe.

If you hit the second by mistake, you are Unsubscribed – even if you go back and don’t confirm it.

So, if you have come to this post from Facebook or Pinterest or something and did not get an email link, you may have accidentally Unsubscribed.

You can re- Subscribe through the link at the top of the sidebar.

I’ll be a little busy for awhile, but be back as soon as I can.



  1. jessica, this sounds like the most wonderful space! I can’t wait to visit you and your new gallery—I know exactly where it is. And I’m with you (sorry Mark!), I think 12th time is a charm too…. 😀 Glad you had a good time with family. Oh, and I do indeed remember dancing to “96 Tears”! Love that song.

  2. Congrats on your new gallery location. I hope my mosaic birds will fly out of it. I plan to visit Santa Fe this summer. I haven’t been back since I took your Art Journaling in Paradise class. Happy growing season!!!

  3. Sounds like THE perfect place………..excited for you!

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I am astonished that your 52 frames did not smash the plants you bought in California! Speaking of mashing, I am sure your gallery will be a smashing success! #12 is the lucky charm #13 is just well….plain unlucky.
    I am looking forward to photos of your new setup until I can see if with my own eyes.

    California was very grateful you came to visit. The seas were calm and the earthquakes stopped. You are a blessing indeed.

    Vivian 🙂
    San Francisco Bay Area

  5. Good luck on your new space! It sounds like it’ll be a winner.

  6. Jessica, I had to chuckle. When I saw 52 frames, I thought had you created another dvd with 52 windows. hehe

  7. Jessica…
    A superb gallery … with a magnificent location … VERY exciting news!
    Suzi D ~ Central NY

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