Luck of the Irish

Toward evening on March 17, Dear Me showed up in the garden room studio and reminded me that it was St. Patrick’s Day, and that, while she sported a green hair bow (which she always wears on just one hair, you may have noticed), the only green around me was on the plants.

Though my last name is the Polish word for “Happy”, three quarters of me is Irish, and I felt I really should do something to celebrate that fact. I don’t care for beer and green Chardonnay didn’t sound very attractive.

So, I grabbed my art journal and made this sketch. Dear Me modeled for awhile, but then got fidgety and uncooperative, so I didn’t get the page done until 2 days later.

The whole thing got me thinking that we are often surrounded by good luck and don’t notice.

In fact, bad luck claims a very small percentage of our moments.

So, any time your spirits need a lift, look around for any four leaf clovers you may have “overlooked before”.

What piece of good luck stands out in your recent past?

Happy Sunday, and better still, Happy first day of Spring!!



  1. Ahh,,, Spring in NY… an amazing time of year….the flowers are popping up thru some last little bouts of snow, we’ve had such an amazing winter the decorative trees are in bud already…. St. Patrick’s Day was full of life, Easter is around the corner… today the birds were perched all along the fence out back singing their hearts out, the dogs are playing outside more, the days are longer..I feel lucky to have every bit of that in my life! Spring brings so much new life to so many things! Happy Spring Everyone!

  2. My good luck came in remembering that I can do art shows. Just did a fantastic one over the weekend, at THE TUCSON MUSEUM OF ART! Tons of people now know about my boutique!

  3. I had such a horrible migraine from a food sensitivity I was having trouble finding gratefulness in anything. Went to bed. In the late afternoon I went outside and sat on my swing and looked at my tiny yard and thought it was looking rather pretty and I realized I was grateful I had a pretty spot to sit and enjoy! This morning I am grateful my migraine is gone!

  4. Jessica, just discovered your blog. My husband and I are preparing our CA house for sale so we can move to Santa Fe, hopefully scoring a house in El Dorado. Hopefully after our move we will be able to meet – I am looking forward to making many new creative friends in our new home.

  5. Great moral to the story. Wish I had ran across this when I was still teaching.

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