Saying Good-Bye to Sheer Heaven


It’s been 15 years, and Sheer Heaven is one of the best things to have ever come along in my art life. It is also beloved by thousands of artists around the world. But we have come to an obstacle that we can’t get past, and we will soon have to say good-bye to this magical product.

I want to explain that Sheer Heaven is not a ready made product that I buy from some company out there in the world. It is made just for me, and therein lies the problem.

I have only a 4-6 month supply at the current rate of sales, which will likely speed up when people learn that the product is going away.

To keep going, I would have to invest a very large sum in raw materials that would result in a minimum required production, which would last for ten years or so. I would have to ramp up marketing and make Sheer Heaven my main focus again.

Financially, it would be a good investment, but I no longer do marketing in image transfer circles, and I want to move in the direction of my own art interests – watercolor, art journaling, and kiln glass, rather than redirecting all my attention to the mixed-media market, which does not hold my interest. I would be involved just for the sake of marketing Sheer Heaven, and that would not feel right.

So, after much soul searching, I have decided that Sheer Heaven has been an amazing product, and we have had a good, long run together, but when it is time to let go, sometimes you just have to do that.

There are folks who would have a blow-out sale, and those that would hike the price on the remaining stock. I am neither of those.

My first move is this announcement to you, my loyal blog followers. Those of you who love and use Sheer Heaven may want to get some while you still can (I have only about 5000 sheets left).

I am keeping the pricing and packaging the same as it has been.

The next thing I will do is contact some illustrators and photographers who are long time repeat customers, to let them know. Then, I will just let things take their course.

I really hope this post does not sound sad, because that is not the feeling I want to express. It’s just that darn “change” thing that is always a part of life, and I have to flow with it.

I am working on my next post, which is all about our “style” in art. Stay tuned.



  1. The only thing in the world that stays the same is “change.” So sad to hear of the circumstances making this change necessary. I loved using Sheer Heaven in the past and still have quite a few sheets on hand, but I, too, have changed my artistic expression style and have not used Sheer Heaven in quite a while. I know there will be many who will help you eliminate your stock, so you can focus on the NEW pathway you and your artistic style are taking. Wishing you much success as always. I’m so grateful for all I have learned from you over the years and look forward to more.

  2. So sorry to see it go!!! It is truly the best. I wish another paper company would pick it up (such as Red River). It is so versatile and really prints photographs beautifully.

  3. Hi Paula, The problem with another company picking it up is that it is not a product that sells itself. It is so specialized that it needs the kind of personalized marketing. lessons, blog posts etc. that I have done over the past 15 years to get people to understand its uses. No big company is going to go to all that trouble, and I am not willing to go on in that direction either.

    Diana – thanks so much for your sweet comment.

  4. Change happens and those that can move on with it are happier than those who can’t. There comes a time when we need to concentrate on ourselves. Time doesn’t go on forever and to put it frankly, we don’t go on forever just like any product so I am happy to see you recognize this and move towards what will be fulfilling for you. We all have choices and different eras in our lives. Go girl! Let’s see what you do!

  5. Hi Timaree. You are SO right.
    I will basically be doing what I have been doing lately with the concentration on art journaling and watercolor and drawing and painting and gardening etc. One thing I am really moved to do is publish e-books on various creative subjects. I enjoy doing that and blogging and Instagram/Facebook for sharing and photography.

  6. One thing I admire about you, Jessica, is your flexibility to change your path and reinvent yourself when you need to to. Jack and I are in Ecuador for six weeks, and yes we have our art journals with us – a gift we received from you.

  7. Thank you, Nan. I have been watching your adventure on Facebook – how brave and fun! So glad you have your journals. They save an adventure SO well.

  8. sorry to hear about Sheer Heaven, but it’s the right change for you, sounds like. i’ll order some, for sure, because i do still use it here and there and i have so few sheets left. i did discover, much to my surprise, that i had hoarded a supply of the half sheets, for my art journaling. yeay!!

  9. Yikes! I still have some in my stash….but I am soooooooooooo glad that I’ve been a scrap saver! One of the beauties of a owning a Silhouette cutting machine is the software that allows you placement on your matt & the ability to print in that area….perfect for scraps of SH!

  10. What a hard decision that must have been. I will miss Sheer Heaven and will check into buying some before it is all gone. I am happy that you will be able to pursue your own art interests! Thanks for an amazing product!!

  11. I will miss Sheer Heaven. Great product. Hope I can purchase a stash to keep on hand.
    Might have to wait a bit. I just had to have some work done on my roof. 🙁

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  13. March 1, 2017

    Dear Jessica Wesolek:

    I just recently read that you have quit making Sheer Heaven. I am so sorry! I find this devastating, as I use it a lot in my work. Do you have any left, and if so could you send me an order of the sheer Heaven 30 pack for $48 plus shipping. I am an old customer, but did not get a notice from you, so didn’t know this was happening!
    I am working on a show that is opening March 10th and I just ran out of The Sheer Heaven paper, so I would grateful if you could help me in any way. Here is my info on my card:

    Nancy Robb Dunst
    10-20 876

    If you need anything else, call me, thank you, Nancy Robb Dunst

    PS: I would like to talk with you about the possibility of doing something together, maybe in a partnership or something. What is you contact info?

  14. Opppppps, didn’t mean to put my card in the blog: I will get a new one
    this morning! So in the letter I am sending you today Jessica, I will have
    a new card No. written in. What a nut I am! I guess I was really distraught
    about losing Sheer Heaven!

  15. I just read that you are no longer making sheer heaven. I just cant live with out it. I use it in my studio repairing art and porcelains, Please , let me know if you have any. I am desperate If any body else has in you can contact me on my website. PLEASE contact me

  16. Awww Jessica, I am so late to the game. So sad to hear about Sheer Heaven. I have a few precious sheets left, and I plan to use them wisely.

    Question…If I print on the wrong side the inkjet will be permanent correct?

    Maybe down the road someone with the best intentions, honorable, honest, will be able to take up where you left off and get production going again, with a little help from you, and may you be open to the possibility. I’m just putting it out there.

    Take care, Jessica.


  17. Sad to hear you had to make such a difficult decision – I finally ran low on my stash of Sheer Heaven only to find out my chance to get more is now gone forever – in today’s mixed media art craze, it would be highly sought after. The new dye/pigment ink hybrids would work beautifully with Sheer Heaven. Also the new craft machines such as the Kodak Verite printer or the Cricket Maker or Brother Scan & Cut would take it in many new directions. I would be interested to talk with you about this

  18. I came across three packages of Sheer Heaven today (6/11/18). It has the date of 2001 Gallery Different, Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is from Cre-8-it. I started rubber stamping in 1999. Besides rubber stamping I do a lot of altered art, collage, ATCs, books, jewelry, etc. I not sure of where I bought it and when. I ran across your site checking for information on Sheer Heaven.

  19. I’m so late to this! Do you perhaps have any left? I ordered several times from you in the past and I have yet to find a paper like this one that works as well as it does with Inktense. I wish I knew, I would’ve stocked up.

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