Girlfriends Get-Away Art Retreats

girlfriendsgetawayHappy New Year, Everyone!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you might remember that New Years Day is my FAVORITE holiday.

For me, it is all about clean slates and new beginnings – a new blank canvas year to create as I see fit.

2015 wasn’t the most wonderful year ever, but challenges build our character, right? I am not planning to fall and break anything in 2016 – just sayin.

The biggest thing on my agenda is art, art, and more art. And more sharing.

I have already launched the Inner Child Coloring Company and plan to add new designs frequently, and add 8 x 10 posters to the line for a little more challenge.

I have decided to continue WOW! Gallery for 2016 to see how much more fun we can have with that. I want to get the WOW web connection happening too.

I have already ordered the Apple Pencil after I test drove it at the Apple store. As soon as it arrives, I have promised myself an iPad Pro to go with it. I am still making art and art journaling on the iPad on a regular basis, and this new BIG screen is AWESOME. The best thing is that you can lay your hand right on the screen while drawing – just like paper. Woo-hoo!!

But, maybe the most exciting thing for 2016 is the Girlfriends Get-Away. This has never been done before to my knowledge and I love the concept.

Here it is in brief:

You pick a four night week-end in 2016 or 2017. (Can be four nights during the week instead if you prefer.)

You pick 1-3 friends to share your adventure.

You pick a two day workshop from a menu of offered workshops (taught by me).

You and your friends come to Santa Fe and have an artful, wonderful, get-away.

There is one all inclusive price ($2000+tax) that you all split however you like, and here’s what you get:

4 nights lodging in a Five Star vacation rental house (3 bedroom, 2 bath), located in a village just outside Santa Fe – in a peaceful and natural setting with spectacular views. To see lots of pictures and more details, look here:

Two lunches and a Happy Hour party.

Two day workshop of your choice with all supplies provided.

All transportation associated with the workshop.

A discounted rate on any additional days you want to stay at the house, and a 10% Discount on any purchase at WOW! Gallery in downtown Santa Fe.

Does that sound great, or what?! If there are 4 girlfriends, that means just $500 for lodging and workshop, two lunches, and a party!

Teaching large groups at art retreats has gotten very exhausting for me over the years, and falling down those stairs last February demanded I cancel all retreats for 2015. It also gave me time to think about whether I would do that anymore (the retreats, not the falling).

I think that very tiny retreats is a perfect answer for how to keep teaching comfortably.

And, I have to admit that I adore my vacation rental, Casa Artista. Whenever I am over there, while tweaking, gardening, and polishing, I am dreaming up schemes to spend more time there, and to share it with friends.

When I first told you all about Casa Artista, Linda Ortiz (one of our readers) sent an inquiry about she and her two girlfriends reserving a week next May. And she asked if I might do a small workshop with them.

Light bulbs went on! (Thank you, Linda)

That was when the idea for Girlfriend Get-Aways hit, and I realized how much fun this would be.

So, registration is officially open. Two weekends in July are gone already, so sooner is better to get dates that work for you. Casa Artista has been amazingly popular so far, and we expect lots more activity this year. There is a calendar on VRBO that I keep up to date, so check your dates for availability.

Here is the page with the Workshop Menu and all the details.

Come on over and visit me!



  1. It sounds wonderful. If I could gather 4 friends and could get away I would! A girl can dream right? Hope this idea goes well for you. Happy New Year!

  2. What a great idea! Santa Fe is a great place to visit, the house is beautiful, and your classes are fun—what else could one want? I sure hope I can work out a way to participate!

  3. A note to anyone who is interested in doing this. I would like to take any of these workshops, but I live next door to the lovely Casa Artista. Thus I wouldn’t need to stay there, but I would pay for the workshop, my lunches and such. That would cut your costs plus you would have another expert Santa Fe advisor….

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