Coloring Cards Are Here!


Oh my goodness. Such a lot has been going on that I had to take a vacation break for a week, and now I’m back in the saddle.

I am so very glad to announce my newest endeavor – the Inner Child Coloring Company.

On this latest trip to Arizona, I had some time to spend in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, and I was shocked at the explosion in the Coloring arena. Even the magazine publishers have published coloring books!

I LOVE to color and have actually been doing it all my life –  although I wasn’t thinking of it that way.

Every painting and drawing and illustration and art journal page I have done, has started as a pencil or ink sketch, which I then proceed to “color”. I call that part “painting”, but it’s the same thing, and it’s the most exciting part of the art process.

We all loved coloring as children, and as adults, our inner child still does.

Not only is it fun, it teaches color theory, and is a mindful activity that chases cares away and reduces stress.

But I wanted to take a different approach than what is out there – in order to enhance the experience.

Most coloring books are printed on the wrong kind of paper for many art supplies because the publishing process dictates that, and the other thing I have noticed is that most coloring book designs are of the extremely detailed variety, not like the simple pictures in our little kid coloring books.

So, I decided to offer simple designs, which can be completed in a shorter period of time, and offer them on very high quality watercolor paper so that using wet media was no problem.

And, it should be possible to easily frame the finished “masterpieces”.

The best vehicle for this is the greeting card.

Everyone loves to send and receive cards, and how special to get a handmade and hand painted version!

Our cards are handmade. The image is printed on 140lb hot press watercolor paper and hand mounted on a card made of velvety 80lb cardstock (Natural White with a matching envelope). The colors really do match, but that is impossible to show in a photo when the paper and envelope are lit from different angles.


There is a place on the back for your signature, and each card comes in a crystal clear cellophane envelope to protect it.

The folded card size is 5″x7″, which is a standard frame size, and also a standard window size in an 8″x10″ standard mat. So framing is a piece of cake if that’s what you want to do.

We have flat rate priority shipping at $6 no matter how many cards you get, and we sell some basic art supplies to make it simple to make a gift of some cards and a set of markers, for example.

I have opened the doors to the Inner Child Coloring Company Shop. Please have a look around and see what you think. . .

We will be adding new designs on a regular basis, offering coloring tips, and any other improvements that come to mind, so stay tuned. Any suggestions are welcome.

And I’ll be back next time with that third post on Watercolor Palettes.



  1. Very cute cards! Love the idea of coloring your own cards. As long as the shipping cost doesn’t drive up the price too much they will be a hit.

  2. Love the cards! Coloring with watercolor is exactly what I enjoy so much about your journaling style. Nice extension of what you already do so well!

  3. love these cards! i don’t know where to start with my order, LOL!! oh, heck, i guess i’ll have to buy them all 😀

  4. OMG Jessica, this is fabulous! And you are right, the adult coloring books are too detailed and therefore, for me not relaxing at all; I use coloring sheets in my women circles. I look forward to getting some!

  5. When the “adult” coloring books first started appearing in the stores, I excitedly pounced on them…and was sorely disappointed. They were much too complicated, the black lines were too thick, and the pictures were not attractive in the first place. I love these cards—they are exactly what I imagined the others should have been. Great idea!

  6. Thank you for the great comments, Ladies. An addition to my coloring line will be 8″ x10″ framable prints as well – for those who would like to work larger.

  7. I’m happy to see the idea of watercolor coloring cards. I may order some for the hand paints cards I send. After my retirement I started watercolor and although I have learned a lot in the last six months, I continue to feel I am a beginner. Consequently still cannot draw very well. Your cards help.
    I have really enjoyed your articles on palettes, and can’t wait for article #3.

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