Sandy Bartholomew has a very clever idea . . .


Our pal, Sandy, has a very clever idea as she heads back to school – to cartoon school.

She has launched a Kickstarter project which will be sort of a blog version of a reality show, and will follow her adventures and misadventures on what will indeed be “boot camp”, what with moving to an apartment in another state and juggling things with her two kids while taking a quantum leap in her art.

The Kickstarter is as simple as a subscription to follow along, or memberships that include art books and goodies.

I always admire a creative approach to living the “art-life”, so I give this idea a thumbs up – and I got myself a subscription!

Go take a look (and it’s interesting to see how Kickstarter works too).





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  1. Thanks Jessica! I’m excited to know you will be following along on my adventure. 🙂

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