A Stroll Through the Senses


Been working hard lately and needed a treat – a getaway. But no time for an actual trip, so I spent the morning at a place that provides a feast for every one of the senses – and wallowed in it all . . .

I got up early and took myself to the fabulous Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

Colors and smells and tastes and textures and music – like I said – ALL the senses.

I thought it would be lovely to share this beautiful morning with you.


Got your collecting basket? If not, you can get one here. Such wonderful color and so interesting to feel.


It’s lovely to listen to music, but have you ever watched the hands that play it?


The Farmer’s market is primarily about food – fresh food from local farms. Sold to you direct by the local farmers.

Vegetables . . .


Fruits . . .




And here in Santa Fe, the Chiles, of course. You can get them freshly picked


Or dried and ground and packaged . . .


The aroma of roasting green chile is awesome and is one of the iconic scents of Santa Fe.

There are also flowers to smell and to feast your eyes upon . . .




I don’t even understand how this was done, but these chains of Marigolds hanging in front of Sunflowers was just too beautiful . . .


And there are other craft items made with natural elements, like these ornaments made from small gourds . . .


I would have loved to share the glass of ice cold watermelon juice with you or give you a bite of the freshly baked mushroom ciabatta bread (made with four types of mushrooms), but they seem to be gone. Sorry. (not!)

Can you see why I love my Santa Fe? (21 years a resident now!). I am refreshed and reawakened and ready to return to the studio projects at home – after a quick stop at the gallery to help Mark hang some new pieces.

Thank you for taking this stroll with me . . .


I hope you have enjoyed it!

P.S. If you feel like sketching any of this (I sure do), you have my permission to download any of my photos to work from.




  1. Thanks, Jessica! Sigh – it made me miss Santa Fe! I was there in June and stopped by your gallery, but sadly I missed seeing you. I did buy a spiral and black bead bracelet that you made, and I wear it almost every day. What a great space you have there!

  2. Thanks for the stroll and feast for the eyes and senses. Would love to experience it personally as well.

  3. Lovely visit, jessica! I have indeed looked at hands. Once I went to an arts and crafts show that had demonstrations, and i photographed hands of artists. It was eye-opening. And thanks for the photos and permission to use them.

  4. Thank you for sharing such an inviting stroll. It’s certainly easy to understand why Santa Fe is such a draw to so many!

  5. Thanks for the delightful tour of the market. I love the sights and sounds and smells and people watching at such events.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend a summer morning. Yes, I notice the hands that make music and crafts, that prepare food, that draw the artwork. Without the hands, none of the beauty can be appreciated. Thank you for the journey through the senses.

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