Water Runs Through It . . .

Watering600Here in Santa Fe, watering efficiently is one of the biggest challenges of gardening. We can’t waste a drop.

Soaker hoses are the most efficient, but the round rubber kind can be dangerous – we all remember the saga of the soaker hose, don’t we? If not, here’s the clipping . . .


I have several flower beds in the garden and a couple of years ago, I came up with the idea of making each its own “zone’>

I carefully wind a flat weeper hose (which are not dangerous and do not bite) through each bed and put a quick-connect hose attachment on the end of it.

Then I run a main feeder hose to a central place in the garden and put a splitter on it. I attach my standard watering hose with hose gun (for watering containers) to one spigot, and a short 10′ feeder hose to the other with a quick-connect on it and a timer.

To water the zones, I just “quick-connect” the short feeder hose to each zone’s weeper hose and set the timer for 20 minutes. You can do a shorter time if you have higher water pressure than I do.

I love this system because I get to sit on the swing and read or sketch while watering in the evening.

I have been watering this way for three years now, and I finally got around to doing a journal page about it. It was fun to try to paint the elements as realistically as I could.

All the parts are available at Amazon (with Prime shipping):

Weeper Hose:


Feeder Hose:




Orbit Manual Timers:


Orbit Programmable Timer (if you only have one zone)


None of this is expensive, and I am sharing this info in case it helps you to be able to have a garden – even in drought-stricken areas.






  1. I have never heard of a the type of bite you suffered. I thought it was a snake when I first started reading the article. I have several flower beds and came up with a similar idea (-the timer.) I love the timer idea. We’ve had so much rain here in MI that I haven’t needed to water.

  2. Most people aren’t as clumsy and probably don’t have the soaker hose snap around and hit them on the heel, but leave it to me – grin.

    How lucky not to have to water!

  3. That is creative thinking! With making zones out of your garden, you could even have different areas that need differing amounts of water! I bet you could even have a rainforest kind of area. If you had the other criteria, that is…. And I love your watercolor renditions and the explanatory notes. Another in your series of painting ordinary things in your life—something you emphasize that any of us can do. Great job!

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