Make No Mistake . . .


The eraser and the UnDo Key are the greatest gifts ever given to creative people. OK, that’s a little overboard, but they mean freedom and forgiveness, and therefore, there is no reason not to try something new.

Anyone who knows me in the context of computer art, knows that I LOVE the UNDO key command, and wish there were one in real life. Like, I would have used it when I fell down those stairs for example.

If you know me in the context of drawing and painting, you know I LOVE my pencil and eraser.

I have even been known to go up against some very big guns on this issue (in public forums no less). Remember my Sketchbook Skool assignment a year ago? We were asked to draw our breakfast, and to skip the pencil and just commit to ink and live with the consequences. I just couldn’t.


My favorite eraser is the soft white vinyl kind, and there is always at least a piece of one rolling around my work surface. (They get rounded with enough use). That’s a little irritating.

And, when doing a quick sketch, it is not quick to put down the pencil and pick up the eraser to correct or change something.

So, when I was in Hobby Lobby and saw this the other day, I about made a scene.


Now maybe everyone else already knew that there was a form of the soft white vinyl eraser that goes on the end of your pencil (there were no other people dancing around in that aisle with me) But I DID NOT know. I only knew about the pink kind that I would never use because it hates paper and loves smearing.

Everyone of my pencils now has a new hat . . .


They are happy, I am happy, and off we go to make mistakes!



  1. I will have to get some! I am always losing the one on my table (due to trying to draw while a dozen other projects are on the same table) and it gets so frustrating! Thanks for the tip.

  2. If my Hobby Lobby was open today, I would be there. As it is, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the fabulous tip!

  3. HI, you can get them through Amazon too. Thanks for the tip.

  4. JOY, JOY, JOY! Thanks for this marvelous discovery!

  5. My pencils are getting hats. Thanks for sharing your find.

  6. What a great find, jessica! I have a folder labeled “jessica-recommended products” in which I save, well, products you recommend so I can find them when I go to buy. When I saved this posting, what do I find already there? Your 2011 story about erasers, starting with the Undo command! I laughed out loud. It was a great article about great products, and this one will just add to it.

  7. Hooray! I didnt know this and a HL and FINALLY come to San Diego!! Yippee……that happy dance goes on!

  8. I am assuming you find these with all the other erasers…….or are they sitting on a throned end cap by themselves?

  9. I am so happy this discovery makes all of you so happy too!

    Yes, they are with all the other erasers (pens, markers etc.) but I think they should have their own end cap with sparklers too.

  10. Amazon
    # Caps. @. $
    10. $4.38
    50 $11.19
    100. $19.09

    Thank you for saving us $, & time.

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