Garden Journal Lilac Branch

lilacbranchSo many people tell me they just can’t think of ideas for their garden journal pages, but really, the smallest things can make a memorable page.

I only had to trim one branch from one of my Lilac bushes this year, and when I looked closely at it, I realized the buds were beautiful – complementary colors of red and green, Who knew? It really pays to take the time to “see” what we are looking at.

And, of course, drawing is the best way to get to know any subject. I also tried two ways of propagating using side branches.

Neither one worked and I will go back and record the results on my page. You are supposed to be able to root a cutting in a pot but something went wrong with my attempt because no roots ever emerged.

I was really happy this year to get so many blooms because I have missed them so much. Late freezes the last three years have frozen the buds.

But this year . . .



You can almost smell them, right? I might have to paint this!





  1. Thanks, Jessica. I actually could smell the lilacs!

  2. Memories of my grandmother’s driveway, lined with every version of lilac bushes: deep violet, lilac, white, single and double blossoms. How I loved it! Thanks!

  3. Oh Jessica, I LOVE Lilacs!! I grew up in Spokane, WA, and lilacs love it there. My grandma called them weeds. They always seemed to bloom mid-May, just around my birthday!! Now I live near Sacramento, and they just don’t like it as well here. Your lilacs are wonderful!!!!!

  4. Thanks for reminding me of the little things that are always there, just waiting to be drawn or painted. Makes me see better, the bits and pieces that make up the “big things.” Even if I don’t draw or paint them, I can photograph them or just… notice them.

  5. These are my husband’s favorite flower (he grew up in Vermont). Beautiful photo of the flowers and I love your journal page. I haven’t had much luck getting plants to root either.

  6. Oh, they are so beautiful but I am so allergic to the aroma that I et an immediate headache!

  7. I love lilacs—-yours are very pretty. I have two lilac bushes that have been in the ground for several years. They hardly produce any flowers. 🙁 And the ones that do show up don’t have any fragrance. I’m really disappointed in them. In Illinois, they grew like weeds. Barbara—-Petaluma CA

  8. We had huge lilac bushes in Michigan. I loved them.

  9. Jessica,
    You might want to try Rootone. It is a hormone or enzyme that encourages a cutting to take root in either water or soil. If those don’t work try a graft.

    Hermineh Miller

  10. I got no blossoms this year. 🙁 The bush was heavily pruned in the fall by landscapers who put in a raised bed for me. I know it will be a better lilac in the long run, but I sure missed those blossoms.
    I may have to get one in this reddish purple you have…

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