Flowers and Birds and Dogs, Oh My!


Since it is a holiday week-end and all, I thought I would invite you all over for a little garden party.

Few words this time, but lots of pictures. . .


I’m not sure who this is. Can anybody help? He’s got a beak full of suet crumbs.


I have African Daisies in the hanging basket display this year.

And Japanese Fanflower (Scaviola) in the three tiered planter with some Bacopa. . .



We have Wrens galore and I love them. They are always so happy flitting around here and there. Hellish for photography, but a great mood lifter.



Perhaps my greatest pleasure is sharing the garden with my Huskies. They love to be out there so much that they have learned to behave. No jumping the gate and running away, and of course, the no-hunt, no-kill rules.

But they are curious . . .


Chevy wants to know: “Is that a Hummingbird, Mom?”

Second question: “Do they taste good?”

But, he knows better, so he’ll just have to dream about that experience . . .


Sky is curious too. See the fur on her neck? This is coat-blowing if you have never seen it.


We constantly comb out the fluff and sometimes give it to the birds for nesting.

Teddy loves to go around and smell all the flowers. Then, his next favorite thing is to nap – right across any walkway I might be needing to use.


Here is the first Wild Rose . . .


And the Clematis trellis . . .


And some Angelonia, which is a favorite of mine because it can take the heat . . .


I could go on forever, but I want you to be able to go outside and enjoy your own beautiful gardens.

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful week-end!




  1. Your yellow bird looks much like a baltimore oriole!

  2. So loved the stroll through your garden this morning. Have been unsuccessful at several of your flowers, i.e., Clemantis & Angelonia, so it was nice to see your success. Hope you have a nice peaceful holiday weekend.

  3. We don’t have Orioles, but I will find my bird book and look up Western Tanager. There is a Grosbeak with similar coloring, but this bird does not have the big beak.

    Diana – Angelonia is easy – you just have to deadhead the spikes to keep getting more.

    Clematis is a lot harder because it grows on old wood and if you cut away the wrong dead-looking vines in Spring, you don’t get any new growth. The other thing about them is that they like sun, but want their feet cool. I put a little “rock garden” around the bed so their feet stay cool and moist.

  4. Recent Natl Audubon presentation of bird migrations show many species shifting North & East because of global warning. That would make your bird a possibility from Mexico/Cent Amer. Check out an immature Flame-colored Tanager which is 7″ – 7 1/2″. What size is yours?

  5. Enjoyed the great pictures! I keep using my Iphone but don’t get such clear pictures. I should probably go review your photog. class and get out my regular camera. My garden is blooming but it would help if we got our sunshine back (we’ve had close to a month of clouds!) but then we’ll have the heat but my garden has lots of shade with the tiny yard, brick walls and trees so it needs the morning sun as well as the afternoon. Lately we’ve been getting a minimum of only afternoon sunshine right here in Southern California!

  6. Jessica,
    Whatever that bird is, sure is colorful. We have lots of chickadees and hummingbirds. I’ve had major problems this year with blue jays chasing my momma robins from their nests. One momma finally made a 2nd nest under our umbrella (we discouraged the 1st one) and it did the trick. I expect to hear babies chirping soon. I have the same flowers in my garden and you’re right about pruning clematis..tricky. I have that same white one and it was the most beautiful lush plant until this year. It was getting a bit scraggly and I think someone pruned it a bit aggressively. Angelonia is a new one on me…quite pretty! Your 3 kids are beautiful. Thanks for the tour! Maybe I will do one after my husband finishes our deck addition off my new studio.

  7. Lovely! Allergies are making me avoid my own garden right now. Hopefully I will be back out soon.

  8. What a treat! Loved your tour, with your leafy, feathered, and furry friends. I so admire you for being able to grow flowers. I feel like I have a black thumb or maybe two…. MiI first thought the bird might be a streaked-back oriole. I have the Audubon app for my iPad, and the description does sound a lot like it. But after looking further, I too think it is the western tanager. FWIW! 😀

  9. I went out today and found I’d almost missed my lovely white white clematis with pretty pink lines down the center of each petal!

  10. Really enjoyed the stroll! What a wonderful feeling one gets sitting or walking thru a garden. I’ve got lots of nectar and host plants for about 8 different kinds of S FL butterflies and I so enjoy watching every stage from the egg laying to the emerging butterflies. watched 2 monarchs emerge from cocoons this morning and dry their wings and fly off….Mother Nature is amazing!

  11. Beautiful photos…………..lovely space you’ve created……… more pic of it! How is your meyer lemon doing?

  12. Thanks for the stroll Jessica. Our peonies are in bud, tulips and dafodills are finished and the apple blossomes are in their final days. Our weather here in Alberta is quite warm this spring. We can sometimes have snow around May 24 but the last ‘dump’ was early May. Hope you have a great summer and thanks fagain for the beautiful pictures.

  13. gorgous photos and gorgeous garden. Many thanks, Hermineh

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