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Funny, but the more you know, the more you know how much you don’t know.

And I don’t know a whole lot.

So, I am trying to figure out some stuff.

There is such a thing as having WAY TOO MUCH time to think.

I remember the little books we had in early grade school called “Think and Do” books. Do you remember?


I haven’t been DOing much lately, so that leaves the THINKing about what I might be DOing when I start DOing things again.

A lot of thinking is going into what relationship the internet and my internet business will have with the rest of my life.

I want to make changes and there are so many choices. I would like to take you along for the ride, but I realized that I don’t know most of you very well at all.

I would like to change that, so I am going to ask some questions which you can answer anonymously in little polls. This will be fun.

Why little polls?

Because they are easy and will get more participation than leaving comments.

However, as always, I would also LOVE any comments you would like to add at the end of the post.

This will not be the only time I do this, and I will be sharing the results with all of you so we can have an idea of who we are hanging out with here.

There is so much I want to know, but this is good beginning. Ready, Set, Go.

Which of these Social platforms do you belong to?

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I realize there are more, and if you want to recommend one you like, please tell us in a comment.

Personally, I like Pinterest best, and I enjoy private groups on Facebook.

Twitter I don’t get, and Instagram confuses me. but seems like it has possibilities.

How old are you?

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I am 65+ (just a little +)

What is your level of creative activity?

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I sell my artwork as you all know.

Do you have a website or blog of your own?

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I have too many blogs and websites, I’m afraid.

How much art related time do you spend online per day?

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I spend way more than 3 hours/day online in art and art business activities.

I am eager to see the results of these polls. Please participate.

I will post the results next time, but meanwhile, you can check back to see ongoing results at any time.

Was this fun so far?




  1. Jessica,
    Please add a none of the above in the social media question. I have looked at Pinterest once or twice. But if I make it a habit nothing would get done in the studio. Namaste, Hermineh

  2. I used to blog but once I connected on Facebook it seemed so much easier than blogging with a much larger group interaction.

    I am learning to find things on Pinterest. I am not even trying twitter and Instagram seems more photo oriented and often I am just wordy. Facebook is my favorite.

  3. This was great. I checked all the social media items – I joined all of them but only use FB. I don’t get Pinterest. Instagram is confusing for me too.

  4. Hermineh, I have to admit I spend too much time on Pinterest, but it is the replacement for all the magazines and books that were inspiring but no longer exist. I also must say that it is the best “art school” I have been to. As requested, I added a “none-of-the-above” answer to the first poll.

  5. Timaree – I like the closed, special interest Facebook Groups, but I really avoid my Home page where I get all the minutia of all kinds of people’s lives that I don’t even know.

  6. For Delores and anyone else who doesn’t get Pinterest (like I don’t get Twitter and Instagram), here is my short interpretation: You join Pinterest and create boards to collect what you find on the web and want to keep – It’s like Bookmarks with a visual reference. But, you don’t have to make boards. You can just search an interest, like Fused Glass (for me) and browse the results. In the search results are all kinds of Fused Glass pictures and resources that other people have found and put on their boards, If I like the same type of glass someone else likes, I follow their Fused Glass board, and I will get to see anything they pin to it. If I want to keep a link that they have pinned, I re-pin it to my own Fused Glass Board where I can always find it.There is very little social interaction, which I like just fine. Also, every Pin has a click-through to the source site, and I have found so many wonderful sites that way (and wonderful artists).

  7. I enjoy my blog but have let it slide…. must do better. 🙂
    I ALWAYS enjoy reading yours!

  8. I enjoyed the brief survey and appreciate what you are trying to do. I like Instagram because I’m such a visual person and I take a boatload of photos with my iPhone and share on Instagram and Facebook. I have a blog and am just getting back to making a weekly blog post as part of my art practice. At the moment, my artwork is for my own enjoyment, however, I plan to start selling on Etsy by featuring items on blog and directing the attention to my Etsy shop.

  9. It was a short and fun poll. I like those. I enjoy Pinterest and I like that they will send emails of related boards I would enjoy. Regarding Facebook, I don’t ever post on it and I only check it once or twice a month. I find that many times people will post tons of stuff just for the sake of posting. The rest of the “social platforms” leave me in the dust.

  10. I had to give up Pinterest. I was spending way too much time there. As for time spent pn art online, that depends on the day. I try to keep it under an hour, but there are days with classes or tutorials or just interesting blogs. I guess I should change my vote to over an hour average.

  11. I participate far more on facebook, as it is a social hub of connecting for my family ,and my friends too. My cousin calls facebook the new family reunion…….and for us, it has been. I love staying connected to my cousins and Facebook makes It easy and fun…….a group effort. I do love pinterest for hoarding all those good ideas in one place. I don’t seek out pinterest daily, but it finds me whenever I pin something I come across I want to save. For me, pinterest is a black hole that sucks me right in…….a most delightful time vampire. I only visit there if looking for specific things……..or pinning a “must save that” idea. If I logged into pinterest daily, I’d never get anything done…….the pins keep coming at me…….and time fles away. Saving just one pin, usually results in me re-pinning about a dozen or more new pins that I see on my screen after pinning the initial save……..see the cycle!? Ha! I also have instagram and twitter, but never use them, and answered no to those poll questions. If I had a smart phone
    w a data plan, I would likely use instagram a lot……..but I have a dumb phone, it serves its purpose…..but is no fun………and that’s okay since I don’t want that pricey bill.

  12. interesting poll…short and sweet and it will be interesting to see the results.
    I love pinterest but it often sucks me in for far too long. I’ve learned a lot from it and it definitely inspires creative ideas….as if my head isn’t full enough! I do Facebook but mostly to share with my garden club. Love to see your blog notices in my email list!

  13. I liked the poll particularly because it was short and because you posted your answers as well. I don’t do Twitter because I think that the 140 character limit is asinine. I don’t check my Facebook account very often because I find a lot of the stuff that ends up there annoying i.e. advertisements or people’s scores on some stupid game that they want you to play too. Pinterest is scary. When I was first introduced to it, I lost days. I have to be very careful not to get sucked in. One of the problems that I have with most of these platforms is that they really don’t explain how to use them.

  14. I LOVE Pinterest & have actually made & finished some projects that I’ve found on there. It is a wonderful inspiration referral. I used to be on Facebook, a lot…..but shamefully on non art related things….(Bad bad Jerrie! playing mindless games!) I stopped that & very rarely get on there now! I have a Twitter acct. which I never use & I haven’t a clue about Instgram. I do have a blog which I keep open but haven’t added to in probably 2 years…I keep telling myself that someday I’ll have or do something that people would enjoy knowing about. Buuuuut…..I have my blog address as a signature on my e-mail and it DID help me to get an Art Journaling, hybrid style, design position in one of the top 10 digital scrap booking sites on the net! (Sigh…that’s over now.) So that’s something for you bloggers to consider doing…ya never know!

  15. Very interesting poll, jessica—questions AND results! To elaborate on my answers, I have an “address” on both FB and Pinterest. I don’t like FB, but I go on it mostly for photos of relatives’ kids and to read the frequent hilarious postings of one friend. I think Pinterest is a visual smorgasbord of immense proportions and I often get lost in it exploring. I don’t have any boards, but I lurk shamelessly. Actually, my online art reading has greatly reduced my book reading. I make things for myself and others, but I very much want to have a blog to share my ideas and a shop to sell my creations (so I can make more!)

  16. Yes, it was fun, Jessica. Seems I fit in quite well with the rest of your demographic.
    I checked Pinterest (only), but I only know how to browse Pinterest and “pin” others’ pins. I wouldn’t have a clue how to post something new of my own, nor how to connect with others or a group – if that’s even possible.

  17. Once Yahoo fell into the abyss, I turned to Facebook. It is where I connect with family and friends. I also like the private groups.

    I am on Pinterest, but I don’t go on there very much. I don’t have the time. I know that I could get swallowed up in it.

    I have always thought of Twitter as ego stroking. I really don’t care how important someone thinks they are by publically expressing their opinions to that they are sitting at an airport.

    I may have an Instagram account, but Instagram seems weird to me so I don’t go there.

    I have a blog, but no one cares so I don’t either.

    I had a website through Yahoo, but they had informed me that they will no longer support the language that I use, so I removed it. I am thinking of another website.

  18. Usually on computer checking emails, listening to various genre (Except RAP!) of music while designing and making 3-D prototypes, watching Arts & Crafts related techniques and tutorials on youtube, shopping (which IS how I found you! <3) for Arts & Crafts supplies, watch Asian programs, look for Creative, Inspirational, Spiritual Inspiration to get my creative gears in overdrive especially, when I get "creative block" like "writers block" which writers do experience from time to time.
    A picture SAYS a Thousand Words..seeing your work of Art literally lifted my Spirits and sent the dark clouds (lost grandma on my birthday last year…was NOT looking forward to my birthday today) packing! Does NOT take much to make me happy…one look at your flowers, fur babies, and art work was the best birthday greeting, gift for me today! Mahalo Nui Loa for literally lifting my Spirits and Inspiring me today! LOVE your Adorable fur-babies! Take Care. Stay Safe, Well, and Healthy! God Be With You and Your Family Always! Hugs! With Love, Gratitude, and Blessings! <3

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