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designschool101logoIf there were just one thing that was more important to your art than any technical skills you could learn, any media, or any tool or supply in your studio, what do you think it would be?

Right – good design.

Back in 2011, I put together a wonderful workshop which I aimed at collage artists at the time. I only held it once because video hosting issues (the disappearance of MobileMe) brought all that to a screeching halt.

As I reviewed all the files recently on one of my trips down memory lane, I realized that I should not have called it a “collage” class.

True that the course was taught by assembling parts – as you would play with a puzzle, but this is a workshop for ALL artists in any media.

Because good design is the basis for good art, whether it’s a painting, an art journal page, or a garden plot.

Design is chock full of rules (many say “BOO!), but they are good rules and they are based in Nature – the way the human eye operates, and sends messages to the rest of us.

The rules are made up of Elements and Principles, which can seem daunting when you just read about them.

But if you just PLAY with them instead, and invite your eyes to the party, you begin to understand them experientially (feeling them), and then they stick with you.

Because there is nothing like this workshop, and because its content is SOOOO important to artistic success, I had to bring it back.

I have changed its name, edited the contents, lowered the price by $20, and made it self-paced (a WHENEVER workshop).

If you took the Collage Composition in 2011, and you remember meeting Freddy Focal Point, you have already taken this workshop.

If you did not, this is brand new to you, and one of the very best things you can do for your art!

Here’s the description/sign-up page:

Design School 101




  1. I was in Cre8It Memory Lane today, too. I spent time browsing among all your downloaded classes and magazines for the Distressed Image Transfer technique. I couldn’t remember what it was called, so it took a lot of browsing (I took a lot of your classes!) I once made several wonderful book covers with that technique and plan to do so again.

  2. Oh, I do remember that class—and Freddy! I had a lot of angst about it at first, but I learned so much from it. For several years I have been making greeting cards for my friends and family, and I try to utilize those design principles. My best creations are the ones that adhere to those rules! 😀

  3. Oh please, Nan – where did you find it. I can’t even remember what it was! There a LOT of stuff down Memory Lane.

  4. I remember wanting to take this class way back when but for some reason did not. I think it might be because it was billed as a collage class and I’ve never been comfortable with collage. But, years have passed and collage and I have made our peace…at least digitally. Seems like this is a good time to take this class! I have certainly enjoyed and learned a lot from every class of yours I’ve taken and I’m sure this one won’t be any different.

  5. Jessica, it is Lesson 6 from Creating with Elements. You called it Distressed Image Transfers. We used a Sheer Heaven transfer over crumpled tissue paper. Then took it into PS and played with color and more texture. Some glorious results! (My search led me through 6 classes, Pixel Pushers, DS magazine and the Virtual Stamping CDs! LOL)

  6. PS: Is it obvious how many of your classes I’ve taken? No wonder it takes a bit of searching to track down a specific project! Haha

  7. Oooh! Distressed Image Transfers sounds like a subject for a blog post! 😀

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