Best Get Well Card Ever!


This card was sent to me by one of my gallery artists, and it is just the best thing I have ever seen. NOTHING could express how this whole thing feels as well as this picture does. The inside says “…but you WILL get through this.” and it’s true I will. (The card is published by Leanin’ Tree in case you want to try to find it).

This day (Easter) is one on which many people celebrate resurrection and rebirth. My brother suggested I plant some seeds (literally) and I may do that.

But I thought it might also be a good day to pop my head up and let you know I’m ok.

I’m not clever, creative, or energetic yet, but I am ok.

This blog is about sharing moments from an art-full life, and a life, art-full or otherwise, has its ups and downs. However, the downs have never been something I want to share, and therefore, silence has been a better option.

It has been 8 weeks today since the surgery, and I am coming along.

I can walk like Frankenstein without a cane and with some pain – and there has to be something close I can grab onto.

I can walk ok using a cane – do laps around the dining room table, kitchen table, etc. I have gotten out to local cafés a few times – as long as someone else drives me, and doesn’t mind that it takes such a long time to walk from the parking lot.

I feel like my hip & leg are healing as they should.

But, what I really need is a cane for my brain.

You know how I could never keep up with all the creative ideas? Not happening. No ideas. Remember my sense of humor? I’m glad you do. And I keep saying and doing really weird stuff – like putting clean dishes away in the freezer and grabbing a metal measuring cup instead of my coffee mug. Caught that one in time, thank heavens.

And naps, which I have never found necessary, are a major pastime now.

People say this is the left-over effect of the anesthesia. I had never had anesthesia before, so they may be right. Some people say this can last a year. I hope they are NOT right about that.

On a lighter note, as long as I don’t have to be too clever or write too much, I am going to start posting again whenever I have the energy.

Though I have not been able to create things, or spend any length of time at the computer, I have finally gotten a very fast internet signal installed, so I am able to upload high quality videos to YouTube.

My first order of business is to make my wonderful Love This Journal workshops available again. They disappeared when MobileMe disappeared because I had nowhere else to park the videos. Times have changed, and they can now live in private spaces on YouTube – and I can upload them quickly with my new wi-fi. So, stay tuned for the return of the workshops that got thousands of students excited about art journaling.

And . . . I am not unaware of the evolution and enlightenment available in an experience like this. When EVERYTHING is a SLOW and methodical project – like even taking a new shampoo bottle into the bathroom – you are forced into mindfulness as never before.

I know some of these lessons will remain, even after I fully recover.

Hope you all are well, and Happy Easter.




  1. Get well soon Jessica. I remember those effects from major surgery too. It will take time but it comes right in the end. Do your exercises and you will be surprised how quickly things will mend. I had BOTH knees done on the same day!

  2. Should have added… I’m going to see my SIL tomorrow who did exactly the same as you, at about the same time, and at 86, she is getting there too!

  3. I have been thinking about you a LOT, jessica, and I’m delighted that you are feeling well enough to post even a little bit. And you can’t help your humor coming through this post, even if you can’t see it—we can (“cane for my brain”)! Many of us haven’t been through what you have, so we can only imagine. One of my very favorite authors, Richard Bach, wrote this in his book Illusions: “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.” It’s just sometimes hard to see.

  4. I’m with you, Jessica. I had my first physical therapy evaluation last Thursday and I have a job ahead of me! I still have to use oxygen which slows things down a lot. I still can’t drive but I’m hoping. When I go for my first PT appointment on Wednesday, I’m going to ask a lot of questions such as what I need to do to get released to drive. I’m told that once I start exercising regularly, slowly starting whatever exercises she gives me, I’ll be able to do more and more because I’ll be stronger. Ugh!

  5. Glad to see notes from you! Hang in there, this too shall pass. Your body is very busy using your creative energies healing your hip. Your art brain will return! Sending you hugs!

  6. Hang in there Jessica. My husband Jerry had a hip replacement last May and it’s a slow process for you high energy people who are forced to slow down. It will all come together.

  7. Forgot to say that I’m doing bizarre things without the anesthesia excuse!! Love the card.

  8. Get well soon, Jessica. I remember years ago when I had a surgery, I was given a pain drug while in the hospital. The drug and possibly the anesthesia made my brain dull….fried…for nearly two months. But I fully recovered. I think?! Haha. Give yourself healing time. It will all be good again.

    Cathy N.

  9. From the outside, looking in…it’s been an inspiring movie to watch…”Girl Interrupted Part 2.” I’m in awe of your strength and your ability to observe from a distance the events, emotions and potential outcomes. SO WHAT if there are a few back-burner items (sorry if that sounds too exuberant!), or burners that aren’t quite firing. Life sends energy where it’s needed and your energy (creative and otherwise) is busy right now rebuilding your hip and realigning your passions. I love you, my sister and am grateful that you can always get up when you fall and share when you don’t feel like there’s anything to share. There is…just know that. xxooxxoo

  10. You’re going to make it that’s for sure…it’s in your post…and it
    even helps others get better…. right along with you. Cheers to you and bless your heart!

  11. Great to hear from you , Jess, as you continue to recover from a major life dip. One day, when you’re body is ready, you will wake up with a creative power surge. I can’t wait to see it!

  12. How nice to hear from you! This journey you’re on right now will come to an end…and your life will again be full of all the things you so dearly love to do. Wishing for you to have more healing, more strength & more “well, that’s all behind me now” moments every day!

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