Tucson Road Trip Day 1 . . .


I promised to take you on this trip with me, and there is no better way to do that than to share my travel journal pages from my iPad Journal.

As is always the case, I have my Stillman & Birn journal and my watercolors with me, and there a few things from today that I plan to sketch. But, it was a driving day, and I won’t get that done soon.

This is why I also keep an iPad journal – everything goes into it easily so the whole trip gets recorded.

Just when I had the van packed, I went into the garage for a roll of paper towels to go on the trip and found yet another plumbing pipe leak. My plumbing karma is really terrible, but that is a story for some other day. This day, I left Mark to deal with it, and got on the road.

Stopped in Albuquerque for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe which is a favorite.

Mimi’s also has the coolest ladies room in the world. Copper sinks and beautiful skies everywhere.


When I first started Guerrilla Photography, this was one of the first places I found with such a treasury of details.


I did not want to make the whole drive to Tucson in one piece, so I decided to visit Silver CIty, NM, an art town in the Southwest of the state. I had not been there in almost 20 years and wanted to know how it has changed.

The last time I went, we took a very mountainous route, Hwy 152, shown where the 6:10 is written on the map. No thanks to that in Winter, so I took my usual route to Deming and then went up. That is a piece of road that is new to me, (I think).

Reservations at a really beautiful Comfort Inn, and the front desk directed me to this place . . .


And that was pretty much it for this day.

I enjoyed it. Did you?




  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with your viewing public. Love it. I continue to live vicariously though the blog writings of my friends. Anyway, Isn’t Silver City where the small Native American village is loaded at the top of a mesa? I went there several years ago with a friend and took photos that I could only use for my personal use. And I got to pay a fee to take the pictures. Anyway, it was an extremely DRY summer, however, on that day, the rains came to New Mexico.

    My dream trip is to drive to New Mexico and take a scenic route to visit churches and other art towns. I can see me visiting Taos.

    BTW, I plan to register for the Santa Fe iPad Art Journal retreat, however, I’m waiting to find out where my mother is in her current pilgrimage to her next life. We are getting hospice services and I get to visit her in 2 weeks AFTER the orthopedic doctor releases me to walk on both of my feet. Ah, I can dream.

    Also, what kind of chairs will we be using at the Santa Fe retreat? The chairs at the other location worked for me because I could put a pillow behind me to support my back.

    Just saying.

  2. Hi Mariana – I sure hope you can make it to the retreat! The chairs are VERY comfortable conference room chairs, so you will be happy.

    You are thinking of Acoma – with the village on top of a Mesa. Silver City is an old copper mining town.

    I am sorry to hear about your Mom.

  3. Love reading about your journey. What app are you using? As I’m loving the gold colored writing.

  4. I am another who is vicariously enjoying your journey(s). Your art brings much truer images—instead of just my imagination—to go along with the writing. I look for your entries every day! Thanks!

  5. Glad the leak is fixed!!! I just saw a Mark look-a-like sans mustache at the grocery store! I hope you checked out the B and Bs in Silver City for future reference. Have a blast and give Bob a big woofy hug from me.

  6. Good grief, Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Best advice I can pass on to you is to take all of the physical therapy that is offered to you. It will make a world of difference. Chin up, gal. This too will pass.

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