Off to Tucson and Other Exciting Stuff!


I always call this my “Spring” trip although we all know it isn’t Spring yet – but I like to delude myself. The weather is wonderful. 60’s here and 80’s there.

Every February, I travel to Tucson, Arizona, to attend the Gem & Mineral Show, the Tubac Art Festival, and have big fun with my BFFs Valerie and Vesta and my brothers Bob and John. It is really too wonderful.

The art journal page above was created on the first morning of my “Spring” trip in 2012, when I was late for the “hot” breakfast at my hotel. I love it because it totally takes me back to that morning, and I am always happiest on the first day of a trip. But, it was a pretty terrible breakfast.

The real magical thing about this page, however, is that it was created entirely inside my iPad!

I have been keeping iPad Art, Garden, and Travel Journals since 2011 – when I learned how in the process of creating my year long workshop IPad Studio 2012.

A week or so ago, I realized that I have more art journals inside my iPad as on my Art Journal bookshelf in my studio!

I LOVE journaling in my iPad, because it’s quick and easy and convenient – and fun and magical (can you pick up your real life journal and take a picture with it? Will the picture be already on the page, ready for commenting, resizing, rotating, gluing in with no glue?). Talk about Guerrilla photography!

I also LOVE my paper journals, but I take a LONG time doing my pages there, and 80% of my life never makes it in. That was why I started keeping parallel journals on my iPad. EVERYTHING gets in. And I can print out any iPad journal pages to size if I also want them in my paper journal.

Well, I have decided that I know enough about this to share and teach it, and what better venue than here in Santa Fe where there is so much to journal about.

So, there is a Retreat! My description is on the Whatever blog today here:

and the full description and sign-up page is here

The only supplies you need are your iPad and stylus!

And, as always, I have mine with me, so I will be sharing this trip with you.

First stop today is Silver City, New Mexico an art town in the southern part of the state. I have not been there in 20 years, so I am excited to see what has changed.

See you later!



  1. Have a great trip Jessica and bless us with postings from you IPad. An IPad is on my wishlist and hopefully moving toward the top.

  2. Sounds oh so exciting! And interestingly enough, Apple is now promoting creativity on the iPad Air and Procreate in its latest ads!

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