Seriously Sacked Out . . .


Once upon a time . . .

I brought home some groceries and dropped the empty sack on the floor for the cats to play in. I later came back to find my cat Bunnie sound asleep on top of the bag.

I left it there and she returned to it for every nap. I moved it to a more cozy, out-of-the-way place – in my office – under the desk. She found it.

She was so crazy about that sack that I tried to make things even better, as we humans are prone to do. I bought a cushy kitty bed and put the sack on top of it.

I came back to find that she was asleep on the sack, but she had moved it away from the new kitty bed.

Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right?

Bunnie is seriously lucky I’m not one of those folks who decorates everything, or I would have “arted” up her sack and seriously irritated her.

I did add a second sack under the first for a little extra sack-ness, and that is where you can always find Bunnie “sacked out”.

Yesterday, I got this photo just before she settled into nap time.

It’s not easy taking a good photo under a desk without a flash, by the way.


Photo Copyright ©2015 Jessica Wesolek



  1. Maybe the smooth cool texture appeals to her? Like children loving an empty card box to play with.

  2. It’s a great photo of your kitty. They have their own likes and dislikes that don’t follow what we humans are concerned with. I’m so glad you allow her to have her special item! It’s not only hard to take the photo in the dim spot but its even harder for me with a rug or furniture in the picture, as there is always messy, stray bits of animal hair everywhere that looks awful in a photo even if I’ve just vacuumed.

  3. What a precious face! And wondering why mom is crawling around on the floor under the desk disturbing her nap time! They certainly do have their own opinions about stuff that don’t coincide with what we think they should want or like! Ya gotta just love them!

  4. Critters are so funny with their likes and dislikes! We are lucky God blessed us with them.

  5. I see we have some cat people here!
    LOL, Timaree – Photoshop is much better than even a Dyson vacuum for removing stray fur, or even “kick marks” on the wall under the desk.
    Oops – did I let my cat out of the bag? Wanted you all to think my house is that clean!

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