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What have I been up to?

The new Art Garden Sketchbook Group has 48 members already and I think it is going to be a great place for sharing – especially as we get on into gardening season.

January is a month when it is pretty sleepy downtown, so I take the opportunity to spend studio time creating things for the gallery. Obviously, Valentines Day is coming up and hearts and jewelry fit the mood – especially combined.

So, I created the Heart Plate above by embedding a sterling silver heart under a layer of rich, red glass. The effect is subtle and sophisticated. This is made the same way the new style of Wish Dish is made, but with the color block squared up instead of placed on the diagonal.

Learned that red glass is challenging because the color is so rich that it is hard to see things through it, even though the glass is transparent. But I like the more subtle look. There are enough hearts screaming around these days.

And you gotta have jewelry – for Valentines Day and all the time.

I just put a new group of necklace pieces in the gallery that I call “Indie Pendants” because the focal charm is independently produced by the artist who designed them – AND in the USA.

The current groups of charms are made by artist Lois Venarchick from her paintings, and I love the look – very design-y. I added chain and a big Swarovski crystal, and they are ready to go.

A few feature hearts . . .



And others, some fun things like birds and such . . .


The charms are made of a variant of Pewter, and have a lovely matte finish.

All this has been uploaded to the WOW! Gallery shop here:

WOW! Gallery



  1. Love these, Jessica. Do you sell the chain and crystal, also? If so, how long is the chain?

  2. Absolutely, Susun – the pendants are sold as seen – with the crystal and chain. Chain length is 24″ and the size of the focal piece charms is in each description in the shop.

  3. Ah. I wish your art wasn’t so beautiful. Now I’m going to have to order that red heart dish for myself.

  4. You are a great customer, Robin – and I really appreciate it!

  5. The dish is pretty with that vibrant red! My daughter loves the teal star dish and loves the idea it is a “wish” dish. I knew she’d love that about it!

  6. Way to take advantage of the downtime! Love the red! And the charms. And the…. Oh heck, I like all your stuff! 😀
    May I suggest a couple of things? Put the charm’s material in the description, even if it was “non-tarnishing variant of pewter” or some such. And there are two lengths of chain mentioned, 24″ and 28′, in the descriptions, but I think it’s just 24″, right?

  7. Somehow, I knew you did not mean 28 feet – lol. Would that be a wrap necklace? I was typing Pewter in there for awhile, but it must have gotten lost. I’ll put it back in.
    Thanks for your sharp eye!

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