I Created a Garden Journal Facebook Group!


Although only a few of you responded last time in Comments, I know that there are many of you who do love your gardens, or the idea of loving a garden, and many of you draw and paint and sketch flowers, birds, and other garden things.

So all of you are invited to join me in this closed Facebook Group to toss around ideas and inspiration. I have started with a post or too and added in a couple of friends  because you have do that to set up a Group.

I am not and have never been a fan of the personal pages aspect of Facebook, but have learned through belonging to a couple of other closed Groups, that the format works better than Yahoo ever because sharing visuals right there in the post is so much easier and more immediate.

My friend, Cathy Johnson, started a closed Group around her wonderful Artist Journal Workbook and there are 18,000 people in the Group!

I don’t want anything that big, but it would be nice to have a good group of like-minded souls to share the art of gardening with.

Readers who have been around for awhile will recognize the illustration above from the old Garden Grace blog. I love this picture and wanted to give it new life.

So, if you are interested, please come and join me and play in the Art Garden Sketchbook Group.

Follow the link, click “Join Group” and I will approve you as soon as I see the request.

You are welcome even if you are a garden or garden journal wanna-be, as long as you will join the conversation and add to the fun.

Of course, if you have any garden art to share or other related stuff, please do share.




  1. So looking forward to this venue. Thanks for setting it up, Jessica.

  2. Jessica, I am an avid gardener, and new to art journaling and loving it. Right now I am travel journaling my way through Argentina, but when I get back to the states I will contribute to the group.

  3. I haven’t been doing much with journaling these days, but I love gardening and taking photos of my herbs, and flowers and veggies. Hope that counts! I’d love to join the group, Jessica!

  4. We have over 30 people already and I haven’t put it out to anyplace besides this blog so far. I think it’s going to be a really nice place to play!

  5. I still like drawing/painting flowers the most. This will be a great group. Thank you for getting it going Jessica.

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