Countdown to Creativity . . .


I hope that none of you missed my post on the Whatever Blog about my most exciting workshop ever. It’s all about creative thinking instead of just drawing and painting techniques, although there are some of those, of course. How could I not?!

But the idea here is that you never again sit there and say you have no IDEAS.

I have enough ideas to literally squish me flat, and I am willing to show you how I get them.


The workshop is a year long, but you can take it one quarter at a time. ($60/Quarter or $200 for the whole year).

Every month in 2015, on the 15th, you get emailed four lessons via downloadable PDFs. Each lesson takes you on a little thought adventure where you end up creating a very cool “story” drawing. This can take you as little or as much time as you want, and you are then encouraged to develop that idea further (so you have enough to do for a month – grin).

You can do all four lessons right then, or stretch them out for 4 weeks until the next lesson packet arrives – up to you. This schedule should fit everyone’s lifestyle and time management restraints.

Supplies are minimal and you probably already have what you need. Drawing and painting style is as basic as I could devise so everybody can do this, but you are welcome to be as fancy as you want to be.

I honestly think this is the best workshop I have created yet. (Do I always say that?)

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  1. Oh goodness, I need anothe class/project like I need a hole in my head but….. it sounds like fun ; )

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