I’m Teaching on SkillShare!!

After a pretty long hiatus from online teaching, I have decided to start again – on the platform I have been enjoying for years as a student . . .SkillShare

For anyone not familiar with SkillShare, it is a learning space with thousands of classes on hundreds of subjects. For a subscription – monthly, or only $96 per year, you have access to all the classes all the time.

Classes are more bite-size – easier to digest and easier to find time for. I don’t like being a talking head, so I have asked the well-known imaginary actress, Dear Me! to play me in those parts of my classes. She is getting a big head, but that’s ok because she always was mostly head anyway. Many of you will remember Dear Me! as my imaginary friend and muse over the years.

I unabashedly am asking for your support here because to launch a SkillShare presence, you need some numbers to get on the charts. If you belong to Skillshare and follow this link, it will take you directly to my first class, and if you don’t belong, it will offer you a free two month membership to watch my classes and others and decide whether you like it enough to join. I have been a member for three years and I love it – a constant source of inspiration. That is why I decided to offer classes there.

Most of you will really enjoy seeing Dear Me! again and she is animated in her presentation (maybe even overacts a bit).

Here’s the link:


If you want to say thank you for all I have offered here for so many years, this is the way to do it. Watch, leave a review, Follow me if you like what I’m doing

In other news, there are some great email newsletter creators out there now – where the “newsletter” actually looks like one. I am thinking about using one to be sorta  like a blog and a way to stay in touch

What do you think of that idea?



  1. Hi Jessica,
    I would be interested in learning what art blogs you enjoy and follow! Could you do a post on that? Thanks!

  2. HI Pat. I don’t have time to follow other blogs or to even keep this one going. Many artists have given up on blogging because it is a lot of work for probably the least response of any social media. Very little conversation or feedback from readers and that will take away incentive faster than anything. It’s why I basically quit after all these years.=

  3. taking Jessica’s class when I first started to journal was the BEST way to go for me…she is TERRIFIC !

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