Focus Focus Focus – Hocus Pocus

Yesterday, I had the great fortune to spend time with two of the most amazing women I know. The day before, I had a long talk with another who had words of wisdom that finally got through my thick skull . . .

I am blessed to count as close friends, a flock of women who are just downright unbelievable in their creativity, their passion, and their ability to get it all done. I count myself among them and I say that not to toot my horn, but to explain that a whirling dervish lifestyle is no stranger to me.

We creative people have to survive the urge to “do it all” – all the time. Sometimes, you have to draw a line. You get tired, and you sometimes wonder if you are actually getting anything done at all.

My dear friend, Michelle, who owns three businesses in Old Town Albuquerque – a gift gallery, a coffee shop, and a cafe –  finally convinced me of the importance of focus, but more importantly, that you just cannot “focus” on a million things at once. Duh! Many folks have said it before – and I have said it before. But I have never really *heard* it before. That was Wednesday morning.

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with my dear amiga, Geninne, who is known around the world, not only for her beautiful art, but also for her ability to “leap tall buildings in a single bound”. She has just sold her house and moved into a temporary one, while her architect husband and son build yet another dream house here in Santa Fe – this one hopefully the “forever” dream house. Everything is unpacked and beautifully put back in order in a little over a month, and she has not missed a beat in her online business. Wow!

We went for lunch to a darling cafe inside the tiny train depot at Lamy, NM. A short time ago, this depot was like an abandoned house – lifeless and cold and damp and dark. Because of another wonder woman I have the great gift of counting as a friend, Cindy Lu, The Lamy Depot is now known as “Lamy Junction” and includes a taproom, a cafe, and darling gift shop. Even better than that, though, it is a community hub and gathering place where people go and volunteer to help just for the sake of being able to “be” there. As we ate lunch and talked about everything we could think of, we watched a couple of local folk on ladders – hanging evergreen garlands and lights and adding another layer of wonder to this place. The Southwest Chief (Amtrak) comes through eastbound and westbound every day, and nobody gets past the thrill of that big old piece of Americana arriving and departing with a whoosh and a wave.

But we all had a bit of stress yesterday – because we are *human* super women after all. Geninne is tired from moving house and shipping the latest big sell-out from her Etsy Shop – all shipping materials hand decorated by her of course. Cindy Lu was cooking because much of the crew was out cleaning and decorating a small passenger train that runs between Santa Fe and Lamy – and will have Christmas runs this week-end. I was chewing my avocado toast slowly because I am worn out by three weeks of web work and making sure there is enough in the gallery for the Holiday week.

Why do we do all this? Because we can’t help it! Cindy and I are both Aquarians and we blame it on that. Geninne is not an Aquarian, so we’re not sure what is wrong with her, we decided.

And the point being, the only way to do it all is to do it right – with joy, with calm, and most of all, with focus. So I have learned a lesson, and I am going to focus.

My favorite online activity is Instagram. There are lots of reasons for that, but if I have to pick a place to focus, it should be my favorite. The posting is easier, the atmosphere livelier, and what I do there is not that much different than what I do here – just more succinct. And I can do longer posts there too. Most people don’t, but some do, and that makes it like a blog. So, though I want to start blogging again, I don’t want to do it here. It is too hard, you have to send emails, and we really don’t have the interaction that is needed to keep my motivation going. Many times, a carefully written post here goes out to the sound of one hand clapping, if you know what I mean.

I won’t take this blog down because there is a lot of info here and there are a lot of links out there connected to it. But this blog knows well how to rest, and that is what it will do.

If you want to follow me, I have two Instagram accounts. One is for my personal art and process, and the other is for my largest artwork in progress, my gallery. That account will not be devoted to sales, but to the story – of everything that goes on around and in the gallery business and the art scene in Santa Fe. My gallery artists are also friends and they have interesting stories as well. I will keep the two accounts content unique. If you follow them both, you will get it all.

Also, every Instagram post is forwarded to our two Facebook Pages if Facebook is where you prefer to hang out.

Here’s where to find me for the foreseeable future:


And you will really enjoy following my friends – the wonder women.


Cindy Lu


Looking forward to a fun and creativity filled 2020!!



  1. Well, I guess most people love Instagram. I guess my creative self finds Instagram like sound bytes- out of context, not a whole lot of info, and not much to chew on. I love the story and details of process in creative work. That is why follow blogs and people.

  2. Hi Linda – well, I am a people and my Instagram is never sound bites. I don’t think I am capable of sound bites, actually, and since I will be focusing there, I will be making it much richer. I appreciate that many of you have enjoyed my blog over the years, but as much as I have tried, I can’t seem to elicit participation. For the person on this side of the keyboard, there is mostly nothing but a number to indicate that anyone has even seen the post. A few readers do comment and I appreciate that, but it is a tiny percentage, and if I answer, they usually don’t see it without another trip back. So there can’t be a conversation. It’s more like publishing a newspaper where you never know who reads it or what they thought about what you said. Instagram is what you make it by whom you choose to follow, so it can be great for just those things you mention. Hope you choose to give it a try.

  3. I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished since returning home from your road trip. You are on fire, girl!

  4. I love Instagram. Thanks so much for posting all the links for you and your friends. A lot of people “sell” via Instagram. Some do it directly, some have a link to their shop. Which seems easier. I have a keyboard for my iPad Pro 1st Generation and this is how I put longer info on an IG post. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to sell on IG or anywhere else. But I know you will. Besides I’ll get to see your artwork and your thoughts more often. Thank you.

  5. I will follow you wherever you go in this bizarre world of internet interaction. I am totally clueless with most of it and have yet to figure out how to access specific people on instagram. I’ll miss the blog but it’s my old fashioned way. Time for me to break out of my rut of fear of the unfamiliar and embrace the new world… or let go of it all and it’s endless messaging and demanding for attention .

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