Scenes from an ART-Full Life #1


While painting the beautiful weeds from the walking path after the end of their life cycle, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my orchids had started their re-blooming for this year. I thought it was a wonderful juxtaposition, so I pulled one of the pots up close so I could record this new life expression right across the page from my weeds. (That little nest of baby birds is actually part of an art piece on the wall, but didn’t that turn out perfect?!)







I just have to say that the combination of my M. Graham Watercolors, my Stillman & Birn Beta Sketchbook, and my Versatil brushes is just the most perfect thing there could be.

Other very important elements in the Garden Room studio – the heater and Sky . . . (and her cookie, of course). She’s real excited about the Orchids too.


And because we are having a cold spell here . . . I am wearing shoes!! And fuzzy socks. But Sky is still not ready for shoes and socks.


If you have ever taken my online worksop on Guerilla Photography, you will appreciate the following photo. It was hidden within one of the others (the one at the top of the post)

The beautiful woman seems to be holding a tendril of a plant (or a small hose), but in reality, that is the tie that holds the orchid stem to its support.

I love finding this kind of stuff! This is even better than the baby bird’s nest.


I really think I need to paint this one in my journal.





  1. Love your posts. . . read them all. I am awaiting my new Versatil brushes. I am going to take a look at my orchids as soon as I finish this. I must say. . . when I first looked at the top picture, I thought it was two glasses of margaritas. LOL
    Sky looks most content. And I am wearing fuzzy socks too. LOL

  2. Well, Ann, they are Mexican glass, but a little small for margaritas. Let’s go to Arizona and sip Tamarind Margs while wearing fuzzy socks. Now, there’s a vision!

  3. Wonderful images all! Definitely sketch the last. It’s great, along with the bird nest. Too perfect. Happy happy 2015!

  4. BTW, Jessica, I have an amazing Gorilla photograph you would really appreciate. Would love to send it to you as my thank you for all of yours. How or where do I do that?

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