WOW! I Love It!

I have not had time for travel journal pages,, eating, sleeping, or any other extras just lately because I FINALLY tackled the huge job of reinstating a gift section into our gallery. We have always had one until . . .

we moved to our current location on a street of all museums and high end fine art galleries.

Did you know that you can’t do both gift item and big art in one space? Well, maybe if there were many different rooms or something, but not in a single space. If you sell gift items, you can’t sell the big art, and if you sell the big art, you can’t sell smaller things. Customers are funny, but that’s how it is. So, WOW! Gallery only sells original, one-of-a-kind artworks, although we strive to make that artwork attainable to people who don’t fly in on private jets.

Last February, we started our First Collectors gallery in which most of our painters produce small (8″x8″) original paintings for $100 each. That has been a great success and allowed many folks to go home from their trip to one of the art capitals of the world (Santa Fe) with more than a postcard. We have even sold paintings to some very young folks who will now be art lovers forever. One new collector was five years old and would not leave the gallery unless Mom bought her that little painting of a bunny! Mommy did – or they would be there still.

But, because we used to be known as a place you could find handmade gifts that were unique and affordable, our customers never stopped asking. We finally decided that only way to have a “second room” was to have it online. I do all our website work so that brought a big groan, believe me!

But I have finally gotten it set up with a number of delightful items and will be adding more daily for another week, and then it will be an ongoing thing.

There is a “Gifts for Artists” category too.

Come see . . .

I’ll be back soon with some more road trip stories.


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