Road Trip Fall 2019, Part 1

So, I ran away for a month. Away from home and work and social media. I got in the van with a good travel buddy and one of my dogs and headed off to Michigan for some Mom time. I don’t fly so this meant another road trip.

I post my travel journal pages on social media, but there is always much more to the story and that is saved for you, my faithful readers.

The original plan was to leave on Monday, Oct 21, and go as far as Amarillo, TX. The good thing about Amarillo is that it is only 4 hours away, and I am always late packing, so that is a good thing.

You might notice that Amarillo is not on the itinerary above.

That’s because this time, I was so late that I had to move the whole shebang to a Tuesday start. My friend, Dottie, had attended my Artists-In-Residence sketching retreat here, which had just ended, so she was happy to relax at the Casa and sketch, while I ran around like a ninny with its head cut off. (That’s a lot like a chicken with its head cut off, but with no animal cruelty).

We decided to drive 6 miles on that first day and found that landed us in Elk City, OK, which may have been interesting if we had arrived before dark. But we didn’t. We had still left a little late because of unforeseen things like a member of my Casa cleaning crew dumping a birdbath full of bleach water over the vacuum cleaner. It’s a long story and you don’t want to hear it.

Something interesting had to be added to that first day – or what would we put in our travel journals?

So we stopped at a place called the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM. I blogged about it a million years ago on another road trip, but it’s worth another mention.

It looks like this

For a person whose favorite color is blue, this is a real treat. Gotta love New Mexico for blue!

No dogs allowed but Sky is a person, so we brought her along and she met another Husky (quite handsome) whose name was Tahoe. They did some sniffing around. Dottie and I met Tahoe’s human (also quite handsome), whose name was Sky. We did not do any sniffing around, but we enjoyed the scenery.

The Blue Hole is an artesian well that is 60 ft in diameter and 80 ft deep. If you did a slicing thing to it, it would look like this.

Sky (the guy not the dog) decided to dive in from the rock ledge. It was fun to watch but the best part was how Tahoe (in the photo insert) freaked out because he thought his human was in danger. He almost jumped in too, but saw Sky (the guy not the dog) pop up out of the water, and raced down to join him instead. He had been all ready to do the Lassie thing, though.

It was all very invigorating, especially for Sky (the guy not the dog) because the water was freezing.

Of course, the synopsis had to be immortalized in the sketchbook – I actually did this one while on the trip! And I drew Sky instead of using the stamp I used on the firs page.

To be continued . . . Have a great Sunday.



  1. Sky, the person, looks very fit and handsome, from the distance. The dogs look pretty cool. Oh, I wouldn’t have wanted to dive/jump into that blue hole! Love the travel journal page and I look forward to more blog entries. Yea for you getting away for a month. And driving and seeing all kinds of cool stuff. Love it.

  2. Jessica – Hi dear Lady– love seeing and reading this new post. Really enjoyed it but wish I could have met you in Tucumcari, Santa Rosa or Amarillo to share a meal or at least a hug and a cup of tea. Miss you and often think of you and your wonderful workshops I was so fortunate to attend. Those were such good times.
    Re Santa Rosa Blue Hole: DH David certified there as a diver many years ago. I swam there often years ago before the grills were put in place to keep swimmers out of dangerous tubes. Thinking about the water brought to mind a book that I think you would find fascinating, if you do not already have it…. The Secret Life Of Water by masuru emoto…His research is mind blowing.

  3. Thank you Jessica! I really enjoyed it and it whet my appetite for travel as I will be taking off on December 6th to live abroad! Will send updates from time to time!

  4. Oh Jessica! What an perfectly illustrated and absolutely delightful read! You made my day, except for the fact that it ended too soon. This is going to be as uncomfortable as it was to always have to be waiting fo the next installment of Downton Abbey. Please don’t make us wait too long for part 2.

    I agree with Lani about The Secret Life Of Water.

  5. Thank you ladies! Marianna and Lani – it is so good to hear voices from the too long past. Glad you are both well, and if you get to Santa Fe, Lani – I would love to see you. Vesta – I am so excited for your out of country adventure. Because you are who you are, it will be even better than you think! And Betsy, I won’t make you wait long – promise.

  6. What a fun story to read and I love your maps. I am due to hit the road in January and will be driving to Quartzsite, Arizona so now you have motivated me to illustrate one. Hope I get to meet interesting characters like Sky and Sky!


  8. Thank you Jessica, I loved hearing and seeing your adventures! It makes me want to hit the road for an adventure too. I can’t wait for the next post.

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