Here We Go Again . . .

One year ago, I abandoned this blog to create a Facebook Group dedicated to conversations about sketch-booking, which is my major passion. I wanted to share and chat with other sketchers and we were not having enough conversation here.

I am happy to report that the Facebook Group now approaches 5,000 members, and is a searchable encyclopedia of all things sketching. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and is well worth the huge effort to get it on its way. If you love sketching and want to learn from kindred souls, you can find the Group here . . .

I have learned more about sketching in the past year than in all the years before, and more about my relationship with the activity. Considering all the art genre I am involved with, why this love affair? Because I love “story”. Every sketch I make is a story of a moment in my life – some big and exciting – most not. But all of them lead me down paths of learning, seeing, and being.

Inspired by my dear friend, Charlie O’Shields, of Doodlwash fame, I have decided to make those stories a part of this blog. I make some kind of art every day and all of it has a story.

I’m going to call those posts “Sketch Tales”.

I’m not putting deadlines, schedules, or expectations on this – just going to follow my heart. At the least, this will be a place for me to collect the words that go with my pictures, and hopefully, I will gather them into an e-book every year or so.

For those of you who follow this blog BECAUSE it has always been a “story” of one kind or another, this will be a treat.

Stayed tuned.




  1. I’ll be checking out the FB group….good to hear from you again!

  2. I’m not a fan of Facebook either. My home page just picks up my Instagram posts and Instagram does not have the negative stuff. I never check my newsfeed because I ALWAYS see something depressing or disheartening. HOWEVER, you can just do the Groups. I belong to three and they are4 all great (mine is the best, of course (grin). It’s really the only online place to gather like we used to do on Yahoo.

  3. A story. Huh. Maybe I can get into this sketch book thing. If I think of it as an ongoing story it could hold my interest.
    Thank you.
    I have tried so many times to get in the habit of using a sketchbook, and it has never taken hold.

  4. To me, my sketchbooks are the story of my life, but I leave out all the bad stuff. Great to be able to do that! (grin)

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