Old is New, Staying After School, and RIP Cre8it.com

All the latest goings-on from my whirlwind world . . .The thing about technology is that it marches on – like time does – but faster.

State-of-the-art becomes becomes state-of-the-old-and-outmoded  in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Since the demise of Sheer Heaven – over two years ago now – I have known that at some point, I would have to sit down and sort through the 17 year life span of Cre8it.com. Pull the content that did not want to get lost, update everything valuable to the new state-of-the-art, and figure out where to go from here.

That’s a work in progress – very slow progress, but some things have gotten done.

I completely re-wrote and re-drew my Creative Drawing Playbook, and now I have taken what I think is my best drawing and painting series out of the obscurity of the blog post format I experimented with in 2013, turned it into PDFs with remastered support videos, and released it again.

This is Sketch & Journal One. It’s a step-by-step journal through fun pictures that teach you art school stuff like shading, perspective, and color mixing without disturbing the sense of fun. Many people took that workshop back in 2013, so I have an option for a $15 copy of the new one available for them.

If I am going to release workshops again, I needed to find a way to be available to students for feedback, questions, etc. Had a hard time figuring out how to do that like we used to. But I think I have a good answer.

I set up a Facebook Group (not the huge one I mentioned last time) called Staying After School. This Group is open only to my students past and present. I would love to hang out with you all again, see what you are up to, and answer any questions you might have. This will also give me a chance to be there for new students if they need help.


As I mentioned last time, you don’t have to fo the whole Facebook friends thing and all that to join a Group. You can just use Facebook like we used to use Yahoo and just go to a Group there.

And finally, Cre8it.com has gone the way of all old websites whose job is done. It’s a little hard to say good-bye, but having the two sites, creates too much confusion. So, from now on my only personal site is my name site


Hope to reunite with all you former students for some real time sharing again!



  1. I have never understood how you managed several websites and kept them separate, so I completely understand your decisions. But you know me, I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused, especially about electronic things. Questions: What is the date you are closing everything but your name site? Will everything on Creat8it.com still be available to read or will it be completely closed? Do we just sign up for the new FB group and just check in every day? Do we order Sketch & Journal One through jessicawesolek.com? I’m sure I have more, but this is a start. Thanks for your patience!

  2. Hello Dear Jeanne. What I did was close access to Cre8it.com through the home page. It still exists for now because my emails are there, but there is too much confusion when old Google links bring people for Sheer Heaven and old workshops. etc. This blog, Art-Full Life is on jessicawesolek.com and always has been, so that’s fine. The links to buy something like the Sketch & Journal workshop are here in this Shopping Cart as well. As I revamp older material or create new stuff, it will all be on my name website – this one. About the Facebook Group for students: These days, people want to be able to be in contact with the teacher when they buy an online workshop. In the old days, when there were Yahoo Groups, we had “classrooms” to be in, but those are gone now. So, the best solution I could think of was to make one Group where students from all my workshops and retreats – past and present – could have contact with me in a social environment. Staying After School is that Group and I hope it will turn into a fun gathering place. If there are still questions, ask away!

  3. thanks so much for the update on your website … i still have old class emails from Cre8it.com going back about 10 years, i think. think of the history that site has seen! looking forward to staying up to date on your current site, and thanks for the email updates. i always look forward to reading your blog entries. and i love your idea for the new FB group. when i applied, i couldn’t limit myself to just one class, i think i listed 5 or 6 ’cause i couldn’t think of the others, lol.

  4. Greetings Jessica;
    I bought Sheer Heaven some time ago and squirreled it away. I don’t recall that it came with directions. But I do remember seeing you demonstrate the wonderful properties of Sheer Heaven. Will there be a way we can access your tutorial (s) on the use of Sheer Heaven? Maybe one day I will actually play with it but I want to be able to turn to a reliable source to refresh my mind on using it. Thanks.

  5. Sorry, Donna. Those days are long gone. I could not leave that info out there because it caused constant inquiries about obtaining Sheer Heaven and I can’t use my time anymore supporting a product that does not exist. I can tell you that Sheer Heaven has a forever shelf life. It is a translucent surface to draw and paint on that is impervious to moisture and will not tear. You can print in an inkjet printer, spray the print with 70% rubbing alcohol and transfer to an absorbent page like watercolor.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I am late to the party and just found out Sheer Heaven is no longer available. I used it a few years ago and thought it was wonderful. Do you think it will ever be resurrected or do you know of anything else similar?


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