I’m An Artist . . .



It occurs to me as we approach the beginning of the New Year, a time when I do entirely too much thinking, that one of the biggest problems we face as artists is lack of confidence.

Many folks can’t even say the word “artist” in reference to themselves or what they do for a living.

The idea of an “inner critic” has become big enough and bad enough to spawn an entire industry of books and coaching and seminars.

But confidence begets creativity, and if we tell ourselves we are good at something, that positive thinking can take us a long way toward actually being good at it. Thoughts are things, as they say.

And if we won’t say we are artists, who will?

Dear Me has been wanting to get involved in things again, and she is one of the most confident critters I know, so I figured a Studio Poster with her as the star would be a good thing.

Studio Posters are 8″ x 10″, easy to print posters that I offer in my Etsy Printables Shop as downloadable files.

I have just added this one and you can find it here:

Dear Me as Artist Studio Poster

Hang it on your studio wall, and smile every time you look at it.



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