All New Stuff! – Even Santa Fe Retreats Again!

Everything is changing it seems. That is a fun thing, but also lots of work!

I haven’t talked much about it, but for awhile, I have been transitioning from my old website (, which was really all about Sheer Heaven. I needed to build my own name brand after Sheer Heaven went to heaven, and this blog (Art-Full Life), has always lived on, but I haven’t done much else with the site. Part of that was that the easy-peasy web building software I used to use stopped supporting their product – and it wasn’t really that easy either. I flopped all over all those online web builders like Wix and Weebly and SquareSpace, but always got hung up on not being able to change their templates to my liking.

I don’t know who’s interested in building a website out there, but I have found an amazing Mac app that is the best I have ever seen. Easy as page layout. It’s called Sparkle and they have a free trial. I highly recommend it.

But easy as the software is, when you have a lot to change, it still has taken a week and I am having to wear a hand brace.

I have taken breaks and made some of the Glass Watercolor Palettes – enough to put in the shop anyway, and came up with a brand new size for portability, most interesting to sketchers and students taking their paints to class.

It was time to set up a buying path for these because my friends are out there sending in orders from their classes – where fellow students are drooling over theirs. Don’t worry – drool won’t hurt the glass.

And, in deep discussions with my buddies who visited in November, it was decided it was time to offer some live Santa Fe Retreats again. I have been doing them since the 90’s and they have all been great and wonderful – but exhausting.

Back in the 90’s, I owned a townhouse in Santa Fe that I was not living in, and I would hold live-in retreats for small groups who would stay at the house. Those memories are really great.

Now I own a beautiful vacation rental house that I do not live in, and it makes sense to try that again.

These retreats will be a week long and are limited to 3 students – or 4 if two people come together who want to share the twin bed room.

This size allows me to take everyone out exploring in my van, and pay adequate attention to every student – and I might not have to project my voice which is one of the pitfalls when I teach large groups.

So, anyway, the new site is finally up

Hopefully, all the links work. Let me know if you find problems.

On a less positive note, I am discontinuing the Tuesday Posters. I know that some of you really appreciated them, but when only 13 people click through on the email notice, I can’t be wasting the time to do it. Sorry to those of you who were collecting them. I thought they were cool too.

I am either going to go take a nap or drink some wine – I’ll let you know which I choose.



  1. go for the wine!
    Sorry about the posters…I thought they were great!

  2. Whee! I love the palates! I brought the two travel pallets that my friends in my watercolor class ordered and they went bezerk. Our teacher was really impressed so she is definitely getting one from all of us. I’m having such fun using my 5 by 5 in class and realize from your description of the largest one that I NEED that one at home. Thanks! And, again, how do you make them??

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