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Here’s your Tuesday poster – a day late.Lots has been going on around here!



Sorry I missed last Tuesday. It was late and I was tired when I realized it even was Tuesday! And this one is late too. It’s a lesson in forgiveness (grin). I have been making a lot of things happen.

Brand New Facebook Group . . .

Does anybody go way back with me to the New Idea Exchange days?

When I first got online, I wanted to find artists who would like my new paper – Sheer Heaven. I wanted to tell everybody about it. I joined some artist Yahoo Groups because they were big then. And every one of them had all these rules about never mentioning products.

So, I started my own Group, The New Idea Exchange, where you could talk about anything new and interesting. We got 600 members the first day, grew to thousands of members and lasted more than 12 years. I was recently thinking how that was the last time I really had fun online.

I currently belong to 3 or 4 Facebook sketching and watercolor groups – which are the only reason I ever go on Facebook. I like all the sketches, but only one of those groups allows talk about art supplies, how to use them, where to get them etc. and that group is so huge you can never find those conversations. SO . . . you can feel this one coming, right?

I started a Facebook Group to talk about art supplies, workshops, favorite brands, product reviews, and allow teachers to announce their workshops and books they wrote and products they invented, and all the rest of it. I only made one announcement in a sketching group and we have 107 members already. I don’t want it to get so huge we can’t enjoy it, but I invite you all to join us.

Yes, you will have to join Facebook but there is no other way to do this. You can belong to Facebook and not have a single friend if you want.  Just go there and join the Group and those are the only posts you will ever see. You can also go into the closed group site to read the conversations, and totally ignore your own newsfeed.

Here is the Group name – just put it in the search box on Facebook and ask to Join.

Sketching & Watercolor: Tools, Tips and Techniques

We are already having some amazing discussions.

Santa Fe Intensive – A Brand New Kind of Retreat

All in the interest of smaller is better.

When Ann and Eve and Vivian spent time here in November, we all realized how amazing it was to have a small group staying in the same house and immersing themselves in art and sharing and relaxing.

I thought a lot about that because I am burned out on big teaching venues. I lose my voice after just an h0ur in the front of a classroom and the whole shebang is exhausting to a degree I can’t even explain. Is it fun? It is very fun. But also very exhausting. I have not held a live retreat since 2014.

So, I have formulated a very different kind of art retreat.

The Retreats will be limited to 3 or 4 students who will live together, learn, and share in a gorgeous house in Santa Fe for a whole week. The 4th person part will depend on whether 2 people come together and share a 2 bed room.

Seven nights lodging, and five days of field trips, studio time and art lessons will be included in the $1500 cost.

The teacher (me) will have lots of time to give very personalized attention and feedback on your art and your progress.

There will be four retreats in 2018:

Beginning Sketching (June) (for those who want to learn HOW to draw).

Sketch Santa Fe (Sept) (for practicing sketchers who want to learn more about design and composition, and different combos of art supplies that yield a different look. We will also attend a giant art products expo.)

Small Town Sketchers (Oct) (for practicing sketchers – we will explore some of the amazing small towns around Santa Fe and attend a wonderful small town Studio Tour.)

The Art of Photography (Nov) (Learning the techniques for composing and shooting photos that qualify as “art”. Shooting all over the Santa Fe area and lots of feedback on your photos)

All retreats will include a visit to the beautiful studio of a sweet friend of mine who is amazingly famous and well-loved.

Description and registration pages are in the works and will be announced within the next week, but do your initial thinking ahead of time because 3-4 spaces go fast.

Link for PDF Poster is



  1. And my only in person class was in the Fall 2014–a few months after my adventures in personal care and challenging efforts. I’m thinking on the November photography retreat.

  2. Both of these ideas are great, jessica. I love the idea of being in such a lovely place with a few like-minded people (friends!) and learning from such a good teacher! What fun!

    And although I have the same feelings about FB that you have, I do follow one friend because he is so very funny. So I will definitely follow your group. Thanks for your active, creative mind.

  3. I love flowers and cats.
    Thank you for the beautiful petunia this time.
    I appreciate your Tuesday photograph gifts.
    Kay O’Meara.

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