Small Town Sketchers!!!

Well, this dream plan has finally become a reality! The Small Town Sketchers project is officially launched.I don’t usually move this quickly, especially after getting the flu for a Christmas present! No pity needed – I really lucked out. While some of my friends were dragging themselves around on all fours, my worst symptom was being the sleepiest I have ever been – round the clock.

But I came out of it with lots of energy, so I put it to use.

Thanks to my great friend, Vivian Aldridge, I was able to put the site together with sketches from both of us, and get a nice start with five posts.

We will be adding posts at least once a day, and really hope you will join us in this project. Everything is explained on the site. You can Subscribe on the site for weekly reminders that there are new posts to see.

As I mentioned last time, the goal is to create an online, searchable “Sketchbook” to immortalize small towns around the world.

Make sure to scroll down to see all the posts so far, and let me know what you think.



  1. Love the painting. I’m challenging myself to paint a small quick sketch every day. But first I have to get over this virus that’s kept me wiped out.

  2. Great idea and wonderful sketches and paintings and I’m eagerly awaiting the next ones! Do I subscribe to if I’m already on this subscription?

  3. Yes, Jeanne. That is a different blog site and will only send one email reminder a week, no matter how many uploads there are. This subscription to Art-Full-Life sends a notice every time I post. If Small Town Sketchers catches on, that approach would generate too many emails.

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