Glass Palettes for Christmas?!

A glass palette would make a great gift for any artist friend, or for you! So, I made some to put in the gallery, but I’ll let you have a chance to get them too!You just have to act fast is all. You have to order today if you need it by Christmas!

I did not know I was going to do this, but my employees suggested that I put some glass palettes in the gallery for Christmas shopping season, and I always obey them (Grin!).

However, I thought if there were some palettes in existence, some of you would want to know, since many of you missed out last time. You should be able to get them too – even if you can’t wander into WOW! Gallery to shop.

The problem is that I am leaving tomorrow on a road trip and won’t be back until the 20th. I won’t be here to ship them after tomorrow.

So, this is like a one day “pop-up” palette store if you need it by Christmas! You will still be able to order until they are gone, but I won’t be able to ship them until I get back.

I have a NEW model (shown above) that takes less space on your work table, but still has a lot of color wells (21) and two mixing areas. Measures 10″ x 5″ and sells for $100 (plus $7.50 shipping). I have SIX of them. This palette will eventually have a matching glass cover and a lazy susan to add if so desired.

I have SEVEN 5″ x 5″ palettes which are $50.

I have SIX Paint Strips which are best sellers good for project palettes, values mixing, and color testing in place on your work.

NEW – the Mini-Paint Strip – 2″ x 5″ with 5 color wells. Again, these are not meant to be permanent palettes – just to mix colors for testing, particular paintings, etc. The Mini Paint Strip is $25 and is a great way to get familiar with using a glass palette. I have TEN of them.

I have TWO of the 10″ x 10″ version (46 Wells, 3 Mixing areas) which come with a lazy susan for $200.

I have discontinued the Traveler palettes for the time being because the wells are too small, and I wreck more than I make. Have to find a better way for those.

If you would like more information about the glass palettes in general, visit this post:

A FEW Glass Palettes Available . . .


You can find all of the available palettes in the updated Shopping Cart here:




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