A personal sketch challenge - Three things that have some relationship “in kind”. 

All done with watercolor and ink in a Stillman and Born Beta Sketchbook. Prints are available of selected sketches.

Half pans and primary colors are a watercolor artist’s best friends.

Pressed flowers in an Herbarium created by Emily Dickinson captured me with their unusual lines and shapes - 

as if they were dancing. Watercolor and ink.

Let Some Light Shine


African Daisies

Kiva Ladders are iconic in Santa Fe, used widely as garden decor, they symbolize a climb to a higher state. 

They are made of Latillas - sapling poles lashed together with rawhide.

I love ceramic bowls and collect them in all sizes. I especially love glazed bowls with unglazed terra cotta rims.

Three Things on Toothpicks