A personal sketch challenge - Three things that have some relationship “in kind”. 

All done with watercolor and ink in a Stillman and Birn Beta Sketchbook (7x7).

Half pans and primary colors are a watercolor artist’s best friends.

Pressed flowers in an Herbarium created by Emily Dickinson captured me with their unusual lines and shapes - as if they were dancing. Watercolor and ink.

Candles are among my favorite subjects - maybe because I love to paint flames.

Avocados - three ways.

African Daisies have color and grace that never fail to amaze me.

Kiva Ladders are iconic in Santa Fe, used widely as garden decor. They are made of Latillas - sapling poles lashed together with rawhide.

I love ceramic bowls and collect them in all sizes. I especially love glazed bowls with unglazed terra cotta rims.

Three Things on Toothpicks