Thought for Tuesday Wabi-Sabi

I wish I could remember where I took this photo. My cameras then did not have GPS capability. I know I was in some small town on some back road and found a building that was literally falling apart. Someone’s fix-it attempt amused me enough to save the moment.


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Thought for Tuesday #2

This is my kitten, Angel, who came to us in 2005 and is still a healthy and happy member of our family.

We rescued her at three weeks old. She was the sole survivor of a feral litter. A Coyote got Mom and everybody else, and this tiny girl was wandering around a friend’s property. We brought her home and fed her infant formula and love, and she thrived. She was so tiny, she fit in the plastic container from a package of CDs. She felt safe in there and loved to watch the birds from my office window – which is what she was doing here.

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Exploding Tomato Soup . . .

Last night, I made some tomato soup. Well. I didn’t really MAKE it. It came in a carton (organic, dontcha know), but I did heat it in a pan.

Well, heat it is another misnomer because I have never successfully heated tomato soup in a pan. No matter how hard I try to moderate the heat and watch the pan closely, it always hits this point where it suddenly explodes into bubbles, pops the lid, and overflows all over the stove.

Something very similar just happened in my brain. Continue Reading