Thought for Tuesday Wabi-Sabi

I wish I could remember where I took this photo. My cameras then did not have GPS capability. I know I was in some small town on some back road and found a building that was literally falling apart. Someone’s fix-it attempt amused me enough to save the moment.


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Thought for Tuesday #2

This is my kitten, Angel, who came to us in 2005 and is still a healthy and happy member of our family.

We rescued her at three weeks old. She was the sole survivor of a feral litter. A Coyote got Mom and everybody else, and this tiny girl was wandering around a friend’s property. We brought her home and fed her infant formula and love, and she thrived. She was so tiny, she fit in the plastic container from a package of CDs. She felt safe in there and loved to watch the birds from my office window – which is what she was doing here.

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