Not long ago, I made the discovery that my life was very FULL of things that make me smile, laugh, think, wonder, wander, or go numb with awe.

It has taken  a long time to slow down enough to notice how many of these momentary miracles there are – and some of the miracles actually involve MANY moments, not just one. But, since I have also recently decided to live a mindful life, I am now happy to devote whatever time it takes to fully appreciate how amazing the small things can be.

When I was very young, and working at a job that had nothing at all to do with my creativity, I made a promise to myself.

I would live my life in art, and make my living by my art, whatever it took.

And I have done that.

It hasn’t all been pretty, but it has all been true – to my SELF and my SOUL.

So, my life is FULL of art – in the studio, in the garden, in the kitchen, in almost every activity. You can’t hang it all on the wall, but art is there in the details.

After a long time, I have developed the gift of seeing and appreciating all the wonderful little things, and this magazine is about sharing them with you  – in the hope that you will develop that same eye for spotting and loving life’s miracles, large and small.

Thank you for investing some of your moments with me.



  1. Hi Jessica! I am desperate to reach you to discuss one of your prints (“mending fences”) for a book cover. The cover designer is trying to get it together for a fall catalog, and this five-year in the making book would love your fences on the cover!

    Love, love, love your work and might take personal days from work this fall to do a the iPad workshop! 🙂 -Patti

  2. Long ago I followed your advice on the Kodak 5250 printer. It has been the best one I’ve ever owned. I remember you purchased and recommended a different one once the Kodak stopped being produced. I tried a search for “printer” unsuccessfully. I imagine you’ve had even others by now. Any suggestions if I can’t revive my dear Kodak? Thanks

  3. HI Susan – Just saw this – sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, I have not found a good replacement. The only thing out there is Epson and the affordable desktop printers have the shelf life of bananas. I am currently using a color laser printer most of the time.

  4. Oh I just read you no longer are making Sheer heaven,Oh I cant live with out it!!!!!! Please tell me if you have any. I use it for my studio that I repair damage art and porcelains.

  5. Wow, I’m cleaning, organizing files, found this link to you from years back. I been reading your words, WOW, you are so real, so authentic, very inspiring. This xmas of 2017 with all the “stuff” all over. I found you refreshing. About me, well ok, artist from MN 1970 to SO. CA. Had a gallery now struggling with on-line stuff. Sorry about losing “Sheer heaven”, never tried it. I’m a past ceramicist, now painter on canvas and silk. Love story about humming birds. On facebook: kathiewarrenartist.com

  6. What more can I say in this comment field that I’m required to write. Hi, I would love to stay in your Santa Fe New Mexico place. Lack of $ and in a wheel chair has it’s limitations. So I travel by “ART”. Have a life of love and laughter.

  7. I’m year 9student I want to learn painting at here and I want to book class for my age!

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